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4 Kid-Friendly Home Security Systems

With back-to-school just around the corner, here are 4 home security systems that provide parents with total peace of mind.

Home security systems are designed to protect homes from potential burglars, but they can do much more than that. Investing in quality home security products gives you an extra set of eyes to keep a watch on everything on your property, including your children.

Some other benefits of investing in a home security system include:

  • Lower home insurance
  • Lower risk of burglaries or other crimes
  • Home automation allows you to remotely monitor and access your home
  • Total peace of mind

At Frontline, a leading Calgary alarm company, we offer customized home security systems, including IP cameras and home automation to keep your home and family safe, comfortable and happy.

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4 Ways a Home Security System Can Help Protect Your Children

There are many home security products that can help protect your children and allow you to keep an eye on their activity while you are at work or out of town. If you are a parent, here are five home security systems you may want to consider installing:


IP security cameras can help both parents and teenagers protect their home. These digital video cameras can send and receive information about your home via your smartphone, laptop or tablet, allowing you to keep an eye on your home and children from any location.

This home security system also provides your child with peace of mind as it allows them to monitor the house whenever they are home alone.

Security Camera Placement Tips



Door and window sensors are very effective at alerting you immediately if someone is breaking into your home. In addition, if you have a teenager who likes to sneak out at night, motion sensors can help you catch them in the act.

These clever home security sensors can alert parents to any unusual movement in the house, whether it is through the alarm sounding or a text message.


Motion sensors not only help you reduce your utility costs, they are also an essential weapon in your home security system, especially when you leave your home and your property is left highly vulnerable.

Some of the benefits of including motion sensor lights in your home include:

  • Acts as an effective deterrent for potential burglars
  • Protects you and your family from injury by lighting up your driveway at night
  • Increases the energy-efficiency of your home
  • Prevents lights from being left on by children/guests

Make sure to install motion sensor lights near the entrances of your home, at the front and back of your house, as well as in any dark areas.

How Home Automation Makes Life Easier for Families With School-Aged Kids



Many security systems now feature remote locking devices, giving parents added control when they are away from home.

Remote locks will allow you to unlock the door for your child when they come home from school and, if they forget to lock it, you can easily secure it from the office or anywhere else.

Some of the benefits of this incredible home security product include:

  • No more lockouts or lost keys
  • Allows you to access and control your door remotely
  • Some digital door locks are smart alarms too, protecting you from vandalism or burglary
  • Much safer than a traditional lock since it allows exclusive access to only authorized people
  • They can be mounted on mostly any door and don’t require any particular adaptation work
Smart Locks


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