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The 4 Best Spots For a Home-Security Camera

In a unique residential crime study conducted by the University of North Carolina, researchers interviewed over 400 convicted burglars to better understand their decision-making processes when choosing a potential target. Consider the following results:

  • 83% of the surveyed population said they always took the time to determine the presence of a home security camera before robbing a home.
  • If a residential security system was installed, the majority of the group admitted to moving onto an easier target.
  • Video surveillance systems were also found to be a big deterrent for potential burglars. 60% of those interviewed said that the presence of security cameras is a major consideration when choosing a target.

While it is not surprising that an efficient residential security system is essential to your and your family’s safety, what is just as crucial is the placement of these security cameras around your home.

At Frontline Security, a Calgary-based full service security company, we take pride in our integrative approach towards providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is able to advise you on the ideal placement of your security cameras in a way that is best suited for your property.

In general, the four best spots for a home security camera are:

Front Door

Contrary to popular opinion, burglars are often bold enough to simply walk straight into your home using your main entryway. In fact, an extensive body of research indicates that the most common entry point for a thief is a home’s front door. A recent home-security study showed that approximately 33% of intruders enter a home through the main door compared to 22% who use the back door and 9% who access a home through the garage.  At Frontline Security, we always advise our clients that one of the most efficient ways to avoid being victimized by a burglar is by ensuring that a home-security camera is pointed at your front door at all times.

Out-of-sight Window

By choosing a window that is not in direct sight of the street, many burglars correctly assume that their chances of getting caught in the act are significantly reduced. Potential thieves target the weak spots of your home such as windows that are:

  • Hidden from public eyesight
  • Covered by high vegetation such as tall trees and shrubbery
  • Shielded by a high privacy fence

If your home has any windows that are hidden or not in plain view of the street, be sure to place a camera above the window frame, facing downwards so that it covers the window area as well as a few feet in front of the window. This drastically increases the efficiency of your residential security system, keeping you and your loved ones protected at all times.


Many basements have separate entryways, or at least a window that is big enough to slip through undetected, making them very attractive entry points for potential burglars. A well-placed home security camera can act as both a deterrent to make sure the burglar stays away, but should the theft occur, the camera will provide the police with the necessary information they need to convict the thief and maybe even retrieve stolen goods. Frontline Security’s high-quality, durable security cameras will ensure that every detail is captured accurately.


Thieves aren’t only attracted to the inside of your home. Potential burglars are always on the look-out for expensive garden machinery and recreational items such as barbeque grills and outdoor furniture. To protect your possessions, you should install a home security camera in a place where it has a full view of your lawn. It’s important to remember to place your cameras up high when they are outside your home so that they aren’t easily reachable. A height of 9 feet off the ground is sufficient to prevent a person of around 6 feet or less from breaking it.

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