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Calgary Home Automation Companies Simplify Life For Families With School-Aged Kids

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Are your children getting old enough to stay home alone? Our Calgary custom security solutions allow them to develop their independence while keeping them safe.

Peace of Mind For Families In Calgary: Custom Security Solutions

As anyone with school-aged children knows, the summer months can be a fantastic opportunity for family trips and enriching activities, but can also come with its share of stress. Older children often want to spend more time doing their own thing, and may want to remain home alone for certain periods of time rather than be accompanied by a babysitter or care provider. Because of this, parents with children aged 10-12 may wonder:

  • Is my child old enough to be left alone at home? For how long?
  • While my child is old enough to remain at home unsupervised, are they responsible enough to remember to lock up after themselves or arm the home's security system when they leave?
  • What is the best way to monitor childcare providers? Should I provide them with a key?

In this post, we’ll cover three facets of Calgary home security that can be beneficial to anyone whose children are growing older and developing independence, but still require some oversight when they are spending time in the home alone. These three facets are:

  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Locking and security
  • Home automation
Custom Home Security Solutions


Calgary Home Automation Companies Can Install IP Video Surveillance For Extra Peace Of Mind

Maybe your child is the right age to stay at home, unsupervised, for the entire day while you are at work. However, you may occasionally want to check in on them to make sure everything is going smoothly, and to make sure that everything is secure. For these situations, it can be helpful to make use of IP surveillance cameras.

These cameras can:

  • Send and receive data through the internet
  • Allow you to communicate with your child, or with your younger child's care provider
  • Can be relocated to suit your needs
  • Can be installed indoor and outdoors

This option can also be perfect for anyone with:

  • Multiple children who, while responsible, occasionally get into mischief or fights
  • Anyone who wants to check on their younger child and childcare provider while they are away

Calgary Custom Security Solutions For Kid-Friendly Houses: Smart Locks and Keypads

If you’ve ever received a call from your preteen or teen, who has locked themselves out of the house in the middle of your workday, you know that the most conscientious kids can become distracted or forgetful once in awhile.

Safeguard against forgotten or lost keys with a next-generation custom security option. Once the lock is installed, it can be locked or unlocked--on-site and remotely--with the press of a smartphone but

These options are great for kids because:

  • They don’t need to remember a key: a combination or their smartphone can allow them to access the home instantaneously
  • Additionally, you can or unlock the door after them on your own phone if they forget to lock the door
Residential Security


Home Automation: Custom Security Solutions That Take The Guesswork Out Of Routines

Do you want your child to get out of bed at a reasonable hour so they don’t wind up staying too late at night? Do you have trouble making sure that they don’t spend too much time on the computer or watching your favourite shows when you're not around? Are your kids are awesome, yet singularly bad at adjusting the air conditioning when the summer heat gets too much? Home automation can solve all of these problems.

Home automation allows you to:

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Adjust the home’s heating and air conditioning
  • Turn devices on and off

You can remotely adjust your home’s processes, or have your Calgary home security company teach you how to set it with a timer in order to run your routine on autopilot. This is a time and power-saving solution for any  homeowner,  but is especially beneficial for anyone with children.  

Why You Should Invest in Home Automation


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