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How Installing a Smart Lock Can Protect Your Household from Crime

Looking for a proven and effective home security system? Smart keys are an innovative aspect of home automation that helps keep you and your family safe from danger.

Home invasions and burglaries in Calgary are on the rise and while this statistic may seem worrying, there are a number of things homeowners can do to protect their residence and their family.

One of the simplest & most effective methods of protecting your home is installing an advanced home security system. This can have many benefits including:

  • Deters crime in your home as well as your neighborhood
  • Protects your valuables
  • Lowers your home insurance
  • Home automation helps you keep an eye on your children & your pets
  • Gives you remote access to your home

At Frontline Security, a leading Calgary home automation company, we provide a wide range of comprehensive home security systems and equipment such as IP cameras & smart locks to keep you and your family safe all year round.

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What are Smart Locks?

New technology has transformed the traditional door lock into a smart lock - a device that allows you to open and close your door without a key. This home automation device enhances security with:

  • Keyless access
  • User identification
  • Automated control of other devices around your home

Smart locks allow you to improve your home security system by allowing you to access, monitor and protect your property without using a key.


3 Things to Consider Before Adding a Smart Lock to Your Home Security System

While smart locks are an incredible addition to home automation systems, they may not be suitable for every household. It’s important to consider these factors before purchasing one:

  1. Is your door compatible?

    1. Smart locks are there to ensure your deadbolt can automatically lock and unlock. If you need to push or pull your door to properly lock it, then the smart lock may not work as efficiently. Before installing this home automation product, make sure your door can open in a smooth, easy motion.
  2. Do you want to replace your deadbolt or add on to it?

    1. Most smart locks serve as deadbolts, but some simply attach onto your existing deadbolt and do the manual locking and unlocking for you. These are generally easier to install but you have to ensure they’re compatible with your deadbolt before you buy them.
  3. How do you want to unlock your lock?

    1. Most smart locks have a traditional keyhole, so if you don’t feel comfortable relying on your smart lock 100% of the time, then you don’t have to. However, some smart locks are completely keyless (e.g. use a touchpad and PIN) so you have to consider if that is something you are comfortable with.

Talk to a Home Security Expert

f you aren’t sure about which home security system is right for you, working with a professional home automation expert can help you select the right products to suit all your individual security needs.

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Benefits of Smart Locks

One of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency of your home security system is by installing keyless entry locks. However, smart locks also have a host of non-security benefits that can add convenience and simplicity to your life.

  • No More Lockouts

    • Gone are the days when you have to worry about you or your children being locked out of the house due to lost keys. With a smart lock, all you have to do is enter a private code and you’ll have access to your home.
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  • No More Hiding Keys

    • This home automation feature is especially convenient for families who may have had to share sets of keys in the past. No longer needing a key eliminates the safety hazard of having to leave a spare on your property, keeping your home safe from potential burglars who take advantage of this practice.
  • Temporary Access

    • Smart locks can often store multiple user codes. This allows you to give temporary access to any guests or service men and then deleting the code whenever you need to. So now you can let in the neighbours, dog walkers and service men, all while keeping your home safe.
  • Computer Programmable

    • The easy computer programmable nature of keyless entry locks allows you to update your access codes anywhere you have a computer/tablet/phone and internet access. This creates an easy way to change our PIN in case of an emergency.
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