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Your SmartPhone Can REVOLUTIONIZE Your Home Security

Imagine receiving a warning if you leave home and forget to arm your security system.  Imagine your business’s security cameras turning themselves on and off depending on whether or not you are present. Imagine the thermostats and lights in your home automatically adjusting to energy-save mode as soon as you leave, only to readjust to their normal setting fifteen minutes before you return. Does this sound like a futuristic Sci-Fi movie? Well the future is now!
Your SmartPhone is even smarter than you think.  There is more to it than newsfeeds, apps and Candy Crush. In the past few years, mobile software developers and engineers have teamed up to place the power of home automation in the palm of your hand. Here are just a few of the things your mobile device can do for your home automation system:

  1. Check the status of your alarm system.
  2. Enable and disable your alarm system.
  3. Adjust your thermostats and lights.
  4. Create alerts based on specific criteria so you’re notified by text, email or call if there is any issue with your home or business.
  5. Watch security camera feeds in real time.
  6. Receive real time information when someone enters or leaves your home.
  7. Control the locks on your doors with your cell phone to let kids, in-laws or repair workers in while you are away.

Yea, we know; these innovations are insanely cool, but they are not designed solely to impress your friends and colleagues. The real-world application of home automation is already improving the lives of countless home and business owners around the world; saving them time and money while keeping them safe.
To learn more about this exciting technology, call Frontline Security today at 403.291.9311.

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