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Calgary Home Automation

How many times have you left your house in the morning and the worry sets in:  Did I turn off the coffee pot?  Did I lock the front door? I forgot to adjust the heating before I left. You spend the rest of the day worrying about it like you have nothing else going on.  Thank goodness for technology – upgrade to Home Automation and the worrying stops there.

When you install Home Automation into your house, you really are the king of your castle.  With the touch of a finger, you can control appliances, lighting and locks within your home from anywhere with an internet connection. Not to mention, you can literally keep an eye on your home from afar as well with the use of surveillance cameras. Imagine all the benefits you’d have at your disposal if you upgrade to home automation in Calgary:

Temperature Control - On those cold winter nights, your warm house will greet you at the perfect temperature.

Lighting Control - You can turn your lights on or off from your smartphone or computer, increasing your energy efficiency.

Caregivers Control - Do you live with an elderly or disabled person? This technology gives peace of mind when you leave them alone and modern conveniences provide them with more independence.

Increase Your Home’s Security – Ensure all doors, windows and gates are locked and secured.

Yard Controls – Out of town after spending weeks manicuring your yard?  Automatic watering controls can be employed to ensure your yard stays green. 

Chores – Turn the crock pot on while you’re sitting in a meeting. (This is a lifesaver for parents with hectic schedules!) Turn on your washing machine from the grocery store.  Just about any household chore is accessible from a mobile device.

How does Home Automation work?
The Home Automation System integrates the electronic devices in your Calgary home together so that they are connected and able to communicate from the same network.  New or older homes can be seamlessly equipped with this purposeful technology that will revolutionize your life. 

Call Frontline Security in Calgary today at 403.291.9311 – we’ll give you a free quote on Calgary Home Automation and show you how it will simplify and improve your life. 

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