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What factors should I consider when buying an IP camera?

Since its introduction in the 90’s, the IP camera has revolutionized the security industry. The network camera’s durability, ability to capture high-resolution images and remote monitoring has drastically increased security for homes and businesses.

There are many options when it comes to IP Cameras from for your home or business. In this week’s blog, Frontline Security in Calgary takes a look at three key elements you need to examine before deciding on and installing an IP Camera.

Outdoor/Indoor IP Camera

An outdoor IP camera needs to be rugged enough to withstand damage and continue functioning in all weather conditions. They can be used on the exterior or in the interior of your home. An indoor IP camera may not survive the elements and should only be used inside your home.

Viewing Capabilities

After deciding on indoor/outdoor requirements, you need to decide on the viewing capabilities of your IP camera. Does your video surveillance need views of vehicles driving by? Do you need a system that can zoom in on faces and license plates?

The most common surveillance capabilities are:

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Dome Camera
  • 360 degree of view
  • Day/Night Capabilities

Before purchasing any camera, it is best consult professionals such as Frontline to ensure your camera(s) will meet your family’s security needs.

Network & Data Capacity:

You’ve installed high-resolution IP cameras to monitor your business and when you go to view video images from a previous week, you find nothing but a blank screen. What happened? It’s likely that you don’t have the proper amount of storage to save the high-definition image.

The math is simple: the greater the number of cameras and resolution, the greater the bandwidth required to transmit video images and the more hard drive space needed to store it. Depending on your security needs, you might not need to save video images for an extended amount of time. For example, IP cameras that are installed at facilities with an entrance gate are often monitored from a command center. This allows for security personnel to zoom in on faces and license plates before opening the gate. This type of video surveillance doesn’t require video to be stored for a long duration, therefore doesn’t require large amount of storage capacity.

Frontline Security will design and install a video surveillance system that will keep your home and/or business safe. To find out more about IP camera installations or any other security options, contact us today in Calgary at 403-291-9311.

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