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Turn Your House into a Smart Home

Home security has evolved greatly throughout the years and as technology improves, advanced home automation systems allow us to take care of our property from anywhere in the world.

However, in addition to upgrading your security system, home automation has many other benefits. It can increase the efficiency and comfort of your house while reducing some of your costs, which can save you money.

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What is Home Automation?

Home automation is an incredible technology that puts the control of basic home systems and appliances in the hands of the homeowner. Homeowners can access their system from a remote point such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The home automation systems designed at our alarm company allow you to remotely control aspects of your home such as:

  • Temperature
  • Door locks
  • Lighting
  • Home security System

Home automation simplifies your life, allowing you access to all parts of your home with just the touch of your screen, swipe of a finger or even the sound of your voice.

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4 Non-Security Benefits of Home Automation

While home automation is primarily used to upgrade a home security system and ensure that your family and belongings are kept safe, the benefit of this technology extends far beyond simple security.

Some of the non-security benefits of home automation include:

  1. Saves You Money

Home automation systems are not only for security and convenience, they can also help you conserve resources and save money.

Control your energy costs with:

  • Detailed usage tracking
  • Custom conservation recommendations
  • Smart schedules.

In fact, with a home automation system you can know exactly how much energy you are using per device, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to save money and conserve electricity.

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  1. Saves You Time

In today’s busy world, everyone can use more time and home automation gives you just that. A lot of our time is spent on mundane tasks such as turning off all the lights in our home, checking on pets and letting children into a locked house.

Home automation allows you to check up on or handle these tasks while you’re on the road or at the office, saving you valuable minutes in your day.

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  1. Increases Comfort

Home automation can benefit you and your family while you’re outside your home but what about when you are inside, enjoying it?

Smart Thermostats are an easy and simple way to control the climate in your home, allowing you to conveniently adjust the temperature from a mobile app so that your family is always comfortable.

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  1. Provides Notifications

Apart from improving your home security system, one of the biggest jobs of home automation is to keep you informed of activity in your house, even when you aren’t there. 

Find out instantly when someone adjusts the thermostat, opens the fridge, unlocks a door or turns the lights off: the possibilities are endless when it comes to the custom settings on your home automation system.

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