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An Example of Home Automation at Work

A house is so much more than a home. It is a place to call your own, a place where you and your family grow and a place that feels utterly unique. Technological advances in home automation help you create a home that reacts seamlessly to the needs of you and your family. Below is an example of how a typical day might unfold if you have your home automated.

Just before your alarm goes off in the morning your thermostat goes up, changing your temperature settings from nighttime to daytime settings. As you pick out your clothes and hop in the shower your coffee maker turns on, brewing a fresh pot for you and your spouse to enjoy before work. As you leave the house you set the alarm, knowing that your house is securely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a team of security professionals.

Once you get to work you wonder if you forgot to turn off the light in the bathroom this morning. You grab your phone and with the touch of your finger you turn the lights off, saving money and electricity. As the day goes on you get a call from your front door. The cleaning lady has arrived and is waiting to start work. You verify her identity by checking the security camera and then remotely disarm the alarm and unlock the door for her so she can get in. Once she is finished she calls you again so you can re arm the alarm and re lock the door.

After lunch you grab your phone again. You have prepared a stew for dinner and it is currently sitting in the crock pot. You didn’t want to leave the crock pot on all day because you were worried about the vegetables getting mushy, but with the touch of a button you tell your automated home to switch it on, starting dinner before you even leave the office.

Your meeting runs late and you start to worry about your dog. You check up on Fido using cameras in your home and notice that he is hovering by the back door. You grab your phone and then call your neighbour and ask if she can let him out, and then turn on some lights so that he isn’t left in the dark. You unlock the door and disarm the alarm for her, and then re arm and re lock the door once your dog is back inside. You never need to worry about Fido while you are away because not only is he protected by the alarm system but the alarm system is specially calibrated so that he won’t set it off accidentally.

Before you hop in the car you turn on the washing machine. You loaded it last night, and since you didn’t have to start it until later in the day you know your clothes should be done right about the time you get home. This keeps them from sitting and getting musty, which would mean you would have to rewash them anyways.

You get home after work and pull into the driveway. As you get out of the car your switch your home’s settings from “away” to “welcome”. This tells your house to turn up the heat a little bit, start playing your favourite song, and turn on a few more lights. You change the laundry over and start to serve up dinner just as your spouse walks in the door. Once dinner is done and it is time to go to bed you set your home to the nighttime settings, lowering the temperature, turning off most of the lights and dimming the hall light.

As you can see having an automated home has its advantages, making your home safer as well as letting you manage your time better. For more information about our home automation systems, or to request a quote, contact Frontline Security today at 403.291.9311 and visit

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