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Home Automation Guide

There is nothing more important than keeping your home and your family protected. For peace of mind, you should install a high-quality and reliable home security system.

Home automation technology is growing drastically and its demand is increasing for both the home and business security needs of many Calgarians.

At Frontline Security, we offer customized home automation systems which may include the centralized control of home security systems, appliances, windows, lighting, IP cameras and heating systems.

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How Does Home Automation Work?

Simply put, home automation puts control of basic home systems and appliances into the hands of the homeowner and provides access from a remote point such as a smartphone app.

With home automation, it’s possible to control aspects of your home such as the temperature, lighting and even home/business security systems with the touch of a screen, the swipe of a finger and even the sound of your voice.

Some of the many benefits of home automation include:

  • Leads to a more energy efficient home
  • Saves money and increases convenience
  • More efficient home security
  • Greater comfort
  • Allows you control of your home even when you’re out of town
  • Peace of mind

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Top Rated Home Automation Products

Here are some of the top home automation products guaranteed to improve your home and business security systems, making them more customized, efficient and secure.

1.IP Cameras

An IP camera is a stand alone camera that connects to an IP network or the internet. Through the network, the camera can stream video which can be accessed remotely through computers or other web-based devices such as iPhones and iPads.

IP cameras are an integral part of any home automation system and can help you keep an eye on your home or your business no matter where you are.

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2. Smart Locks

New technology has transformed the humble door lock into a smart home/business security device. With the help of this home automation device, you can lock/unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes from your home - all from your iOS or Android smartphone.

3. Smart Thermostats

Home automation systems are not simply about meeting your home security needs. They can also help you control other aspects of your home, saving you time and money.

Smart thermostats are a smart technology that allows you to remotely access your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over your central heating.

These thermostats provide you with the ability to heat your home more efficiently. You can also receive reports about your usage, helping you better understand your heating usage and adjust your behavior accordingly to save money.

4. Smart Home Security System

A smart home security system connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to monitor and control your security devices using your smartphone or tablet.

Entry level systems typically include a couple of door and window sensors and a motion detector. However, you are also able to build a more comprehensive home security system which includes door locks, indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, water sensors and more.

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Frontline Security is a home automation company that offers fully integrated, customizable security solutions for Calgary homes and businesses.

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