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A Calgary Security & Home Automation Company Tips For Vacation Rental Owners

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As a security company as well as one of Calgary’s foremost home automation companies, Frontline Security know that owners of vacation rentals often have a unique set of concerns about managing their properties.

  1. It can be challenging to monitor a building when you’re not on-site, and hiring a property manager to do periodic checks can be expensive and inefficient.
  2. With the increase in the availability or rental homes available through Airbnb and rental websites, it is increasingly easy for vacationers to compare home features and prices side by side in order to get the best value. Because of this, rental owners need to outfit their homes with the best available features in order to remain competitive.

Fortunately, there are custom security solutions available to address both of these concerns.

Calgary Home Security Systems: The Best Way To Protect Your Rental Property

Our Calgary home security team strongly believes that every home--rental or not--can benefit from a robust alarm system. In addition to alerting a monitoring company, many modern alarms can send notifications to your phone. You will be instantly notified if your home's security has been compromised and informed of where the issue has occurred. This can be especially important if the vacation home is also used by your family, and more valuable items like recreational summer equipment are kept on site. 

Monitor Your Property

With rental properties, there are some unique concerns about security setups. While security cameras are popular for homes, installing them might not be as simple in a rental home. Many vacationers are not comfortable with cameras in the rental monitoring their every move. Because of this, it’s best to install these systems on the outside of your home, and use sensors and alarms to protect the interior of your home. Our Calgary AV and security specialists can help you select the best kind of camera for your security needs.

Opt For Keyless Entry

A secure system for passing out keys is more important for vacation renters than almost anyone else. With so many short-term residents entering and leaving your property, there is a significant chance of keys being lost, forgotten, or duplicated.

For this reason, keyless entry can be a fantastic solution. Combinations can be routinely reset after each guest, and with many systems, it is easy to temporarily enable vacationers to access the home with their smartphone.

Custom Home Security Solutions


Calgary Home Automation Companies Can Help You Upgrade Your Vacation Rental

Home automation is one of the things that can set one rental apart from the rest. A well thought-out custom home automation setup can encourage your guests to book again, and may even make them more likely to recommend your property to other guests.

Key Recommendations According  From Our Calgary Home Automation Team:

Smart Lighting

Lighting that can be automated or controlled via smartphone is a great way to ensure that your rental property has a unique and memorable atmosphere. Additionally, adjusting the lights remotely when the property is empty can deter attempts at burglary.

Smart Thermostats

Smart, energy efficient thermostats have two key benefits. First, your guests won’t have to fuss with thermostats but will instead notice that their entire stay was comfortable, even if the weather varied. Additionally, you can remotely lower energy usage when your vacation home is unoccupied.

Home Automation and Smartphone Controls

The ability to control home appliances through a smartphone is usually greatly appreciated by renters. Allowing your guests to customize the rental's settings from their smartphone provides them with a sense of comfort and convenience. 

For a rental property, it is especially important to make sure that all of your home automation functions can be managed through a central hub. While managing several different apps and controls can be frustrating for anyone, vacation renters, in particular, don’t want to waste their holidays learning the intricacies of an overly complicated setup. A Calgary home automation company can show you the most intuitive way to set up your vacation rental’s home automation system.

Home Automation


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