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Three Key Benefits of Calgary Home Automation

Found your dream home in Calgary? Home automation can make it safer, more eco-friendly, and more comfortable.

What Is Home Automation?

In very general terms, home automation is when the electronic devices or mechanical appliances within a household are set up in a way that decreases the effort a homeowner has to put in. These setups can involve timers or more modern methods of wireless internet connectivity.

How Smart Homes Use Home Automation Technology

A smart home uses home automation and other forms of modern technology to make your home safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

An automated “smart home” setup by a Calgary home automation company may include:

  • Automated lighting
  • Automated heating
  • Intercom functions
  • Automated or interconnected home appliances (washing machines, dryers, coffee machines, ovens, etc.)
  • Home security systems such as alarms and motion sensors
  • Home surveillance systems such as security cameras, “nanny-cams”, or “baby cams”
  • Keyless entry using cell phones or other internet-connected devices
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How Home Automation Can Make Homes Safer

Calgary AV and home automation companies can help make homes safer than ever. Here’s how:

Calgary AV Options Allow Homeowners To Monitor What Matters

Motion-activated cameras can relay footage to homeowners' phones, tablets, or laptops no matter where they are. This means that:

  • Homeowners can watch live or recorded footage of their home while they are away
  • IP cameras, along with “nanny-cams”, “baby-cams” or "pet cams" installed strategically throughout the come also provide a less sensational, but no less important kind of security. They allow homeowners to make sure that their children and pets are safe and happy

It becomes easy to monitor the home and occupants while in another room, running some quick errands, or even while on a trip halfway around the world, and this can provide unparalleled peace of mind

Remote-Controlled and Keyless Locks Can Boost Calgary Homes’ Security

Automated and remotely accessible locks make allowing access to your home to guests or trusted individuals simple, streamlined, and safe. For example:

  • Homeowners can remotely unlock the door for a maintenance person rather than leave a key in a mailbox or under the mat where it could potentially be stolen
  • Homeowners can can provide an AirBNB guest with keyless which expires after a week

Landlords might also find this option for their Calgary rental properties’ home security features. Tenants don't have to worry about losing their key, and landlords don't have to worry about the key being lost, stolen, or copied.

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Calgary Home Automation Can Be Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The overall costs of a home automation system depend on the complexity of the setup and the rates of the Calgary home automation companies that homeowners hire. However, many homeowners who install home automation find it saves money in the long run due to the efficiency it creates.

Homeowners specifically seeking to live a greener life can easily discuss the matter with their Calgary home automation installer. These experts can help design a smart home that prioritizes and enhances energy savings. For example:

  • Smart homes can give residents a rundown of energy use by different categories, making it even easier to implement energy-saving strategies
  • A home automation system can turn off after the last occupant leaves and be timed to turn back on shortly before they return, to save energy throughout the day while ensuring that the homeowner doesn't come home to a cold house
Home Automation At Work


Calgary Home Automation Creates Convenience and Comfort Through Control

Home automation allows homeowners to achieve comfort because it allows them to completely tailor the home's settings to their preferences with very little effort. This control can be ongoing or more hands-off.

For example, homeowners can:

  • Remotely adjust their thermostats, lighting, and appliance individually
  • Create broader pre-set combinations tailored to their daily routines

Home automation allows Calgary homeowners to:

  • Eliminate the hassle related to everyday inconveniences, such as forgetting to turn off a light or lock a door
  • Enhance their comfort using routine settings, which can, for example, turn on the lights gradually in the morning, begin to play the news on the home entertainment system, and start the coffee machine

A qualified Calgary home automation company can also work with homeowners to create a home automation system that gradually learns their habits and adjusts accordingly.

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