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How IP Cameras Keep Your Home Safe From Crime

Are you looking to enhance your Calgary home security system? Here’s how you can benefit from investing in IP cameras. 

Given the rising crime rate in Calgary, an efficient and reliable home security system is a MUST for keeping you and your family safe. At our Calgary alarm company, we offer customized home security solutions that provide many benefits and can:

  • Lower the chances that your home will be broken into
  • Minimize your losses if there is a burglary
  • Lower your home insurance policy
  • Allow you to keep your eye on your home and children remotely
  • Be tailored to meet your unique home security needs

Customized Home Security Systems in Calgary

Taking the necessary steps to prevent a burglary from happening can go a long way to making your entire family feel secure in your home. From home automation to IP surveillance cameras, Frontline Security has everything you need to protect your loved ones from harm.



What is an IP Camera?

An Internet Protocol Camera (IP Camera) is an advanced digital camera which, unlike CCTV cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network, allowing you to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are.

IP Camera Vs Traditional Analog Cameras

IP cameras offer many more advantages than a traditional analog camera, including the following six benefits:

1. Accessibility

If you are connected to the internet, you can access your IP cameras anytime, anyplace. This type of video surveillance allows users to view the feed from their cameras using any computer, tablet or mobile device that is connected to the web.


2. Resolution

Grainy and blurry videos are a thing of the past. High definition IP cameras allow for incredible zoom-in capabilities, topping 30-megapixel resolutions which eclipse even the most advanced analog camera.


3. Storage

Forget worrying about disks or VHS tapes. With IP camera surveillance, all footage is stored digitally. You can store as much information as you want if your hard drive permits, or store it in the cloud.


4. Video Sharing

Not only are you able to view your footage from any device, you can also send that video to anyone, anywhere in the world. This cuts down investigation times in emergency situations.


5. Low Maintenance

The digital age is doing away with excessive equipment. An IP camera/video surveillance system cuts down on your costs without the need of time-lapse video equipment, tapes and cataloguing.


6. Easier Installation

Every analog camera has to be connected directly to the DVR. However, multiple IP cameras can be connected to the same single switch, which is connected to the network video recorder.

This reduces the amount of cabling when installing the system and allows for more cameras to be connected seamlessly.


Where Should I Install My IP Camera?

Choosing the right place to install your IP Cameras is as important as finding the right cameras for your home security system.

Here are 5 spots where you should consider installing a security camera and/or video surveillance:

  • Front Door: An estimated 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door.
  • Back/Side Doors: 22% of burglars will sneak into your house through the back or side doors.
  • Off-Street Windows: Placing cameras here will allow you to catch intruders who may be out of view of the street.
  • Backyard and Side Gate: Be sure to arm your yard with motion sensor floodlights and a night vision IP surveillance camera to protect expensive lawn furniture, bicycles, and garden machinery.
  • Basement: Place an IP camera on your basement stairs to record any intruders who may breakthrough using a basement window or other entryway.


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