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Top 4 Smart Gadgets To Protect Your Home While You're on Holiday

Are you traveling for spring break? Here are the top smart gadgets to automate your home while you're on holiday.

After you’ve packed your bags and planned your March break itinerary for that long-awaited family holiday, you still need to consider how best to protect your home while on vacation.

A high-quality home automation and security system can have many benefits for travelers and may allow you to:

  • Monitor your home remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Deter potential thieves or criminals from entering your home
  • Check on your pets remotely and also feed, play, and interact with them through your smartphone.
  • Manage your home temperature, keeping your electrical costs down

Customized Home Automation Products in Calgary

At Frontline Security, we understand the benefits of customized home security products. Whether you want to keep an eye on your pets or use a surveillance camera to monitor your property, we can develop a customized home automation system to meet all your unique requirements.

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Top Home Automation Gadgets For Travellers

Worrying about your home while trying to enjoy a family vacation is no fun! Fortunately, with the incredible advancements in home automation technology, you no longer need to worry about whether the garage door was left unlocked, or if a window was left open accidentally.

Here are just some of the smart gadgets you may want to consider to keep your home safe and protected while you travel:

1. Smart Lock

One of the best ways to physically protect your home while you’re on vacation is by installing a smart lock - a device that allows you to open and lock your doors without a key and is designed to protect your home from intruders who might slip in while you’re away.

This home automation product enhances your home security with a number of innovative features including:

  • Keyless access: So you no longer have to worry about a potential burglar finding your spare key and letting themselves in.
  • User identification: To keep you updated on exactly who is entering your home.
  • Alarm integration: Smart locks offer compatibility with alarm systems to alert for burglary, vandalism, and even fire.
  • Automatic locking: Most smart door locks automatically lock a door after checking that it has been properly closed.
  • Multiple access solutions: Lost your proximity card? Don’t worry! Most smart locks offer multiple ways to unlock your door, so you can just use your PIN if you can’t find your card.
Benefits Of Smart Locks


2. IP Surveillance Cameras

When you’re away from your home for long periods of time, it’s always nice to have some eyes on the ground. Apart from asking friendly neighbors to check in from time to time, an outdoor IP surveillance camera will allow you to watch your property from wherever you are in the world.

High-quality IP cameras come with some incredible features that help keep your home safe including:

  • Night vision
  • A microphone
  • A speaker
  • An app to view and save footage
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3. Smart Thermostat

Once you’ve thought about your outdoor security, it’s time to consider ensuring the safety of your home’s interior. One of the best home automation products that will help you do that is a smart thermostat.

This device intelligently heats and cools your home, giving you control via a smartphone or tablet and it can:

  • Show your energy consumption statistics in real time
  • Automatically adjust the temperature in your home to save you money
  • Allow you to change the settings remotely
  • Warn against smoke and carbon dioxide with voice updates
Top Home Automation Trends 2018


4. Automatic Pet Feeder

Home automation and smart technology aren’t only reserved for humans! Innovative products such as an automatic pet feeder will allow you to protect and care for your pets whether you’re at the office, or away for a weekend holiday.

These products will allow you to:

  • Schedule and manage the feeding times, portion sizes, and food supply for your pets
  • Visually check up on your pet, wherever you are in the world
  • Control your pet’s diet on your smartphone or computer
  • Keep your pet healthy and prevent the risk of disease


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