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Top 3 Workplace Security Solutions For Small Businesses

Are you looking for efficient and cost-effective security solutions for your small business? Our alarm company offers customized business security options for companies across Calgary. 

Running a small business requires you to deal with a constant barrage of details. While some may be mundane administrative tasks, others can have a huge impact on the successful operation of your company.

One of these critical details is workplace security. Having efficient business security measures in place can have many benefits for your company.

Effective business security:

  • Deters potential criminals

  • Protects you from any liability claims

  • Keeps you, your employees and your customers safe from harm

  • Makes it easier for you to notify the authorities in case of an emergency

  • May make you eligible for a discount on your business insurance

Our Calgary alarm company provides affordable and customized security options for your small business, taking into account all your unique needs and keeping you, your property and your employees safe from harm.

Business Security Options


Top 3 Business Security Options For You

If you own a small business, there are a number of relatively simple actions you can take to improve the security of your workplace. Here are the top three security options you should consider:



Security cameras are no longer high-end items that are only found in jewelry stores or casinos. There are now many affordable and efficient IP cameras that allow you to REMOTELY monitor your company via your smartphone or tablet.

Here are just some of the great features you can get with this business security product:

  • Camera movement: IP cameras have the ability to tilt up/down and pan left/right to give it a wider field of view.
  • Night Vision: This feature allows your camera to get clear images, even in very low-light conditions, so you can always keep an eye on your property.
  • Motion Detection: The camera can sense motion in its field of view and can send you a notification when it does, so you’ll always be aware of what is happening in your company.

When Buying an IP Camera



Keeping your entrances locked and secure is an essential part of business security. Access control systems allow you to manage the accessibility of certain areas of your business. This can be especially vital if you handle sensitive information or expensive materials.

Such business security systems can have many benefits and allow company owners to:

  • create personalized settings for each employee.
  • keep track of all users with security access.
  • easily integrate the system into their existing business security plans.
  • terminate an employee’s security access immediately if the worker leaves or is terminated.
  • stop worrying about changing locks on your doors or having locks re-keyed.

Access Control Systems



Some small businesses, especially retail stores, may be at a higher risk of burglary. In such cases, hiring a professional security guard could be a great option. They can:

  • create a safer and more comfortable atmosphere for staff and employees.
  • lower your risk of burglary.
  • efficiently monitor the comings and goings in your store.
  • professionally handle any criminal activity in case of an emergency.

Why Hire a Guard


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