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The Benefits Of Commercial Card Access

The Benefits Of Commercial Card Access

Many businesses are moving away from old key and lock systems and towards commercial card access. These access control systems allow your staff or clients (depending on who has access permission) to enter the building by swiping or tapping their key card or fob. There are several different types of access control systems so that you can choose the one that best suits your company needs but all types of card access offer several advantages over traditional lock and key methods. If you want to have more peace of mind as a business owner, consider the benefits of switching to commercial card access control.

How Commercial Card Access Helps Your Business

No Need To Change Locks
If your business still relies on old-fashioned keys, you likely know the expenses involved when that key is compromised. When a key is lost, the locks need to be replaced, and for some companies, this can mean replacing the entire door. New keys then need to be made and distributed to all employees. This process is inconvenient, expensive, and time consuming. With access cards, if a person loses a card, you simply make that card inactive and issue a new one to a single employee.

Temporary Access
If you have contract workers, temporary employees, clients, visitors, or any other person who needs access to your building for only a brief period, you can issue them a temporary access card. This card will give them access only to the parts of the building they are allowed in during the hours they have permission to be there. Unlike traditional keys, you do not have to fear that they will lose them, keep them, or make a replacement of the key, so you can ensure your building remains secure.

Access Records
Because commercial card access is electronic based, anytime a person uses their card for access it is recorded in the digital system. This lets you see who entered the building at what times. This can help you check that employees are showing up on time, it can let you know who is in the building in case of emergencies, and it can let you look back to see who was in the building if there was an incident that needs investigating. Tracking access records serves as a security function as well as a safety function.

Reduce The Risk Of Crime
Using advanced commercial security systems helps to reduce the risk of theft. Moving away from the traditional lock and key makes your business more secure while letting you see the details of who is coming and going in your building, in what areas, and when. Pairing commercial card access with other security features such as video surveillance can further help to reduce theft and even vandalism. When criminals see indications of advanced commercial security systems, they know your business has taken precautions and isn’t an easy target, making them more likely to leave your property alone.

Commercial Card Access Calgary

Whether you own a small business or a large one, commercial access cards offer a secure and cost effective security solution. This commercial security system feature can help to improve the protection of your building by itself or it can be paired with other security features to increase staff and client safety. At Frontline Security in Calgary, our security experts can set up your business with the latest security systems, from commercial card access control and commercial video surveillance to commercial alarm systems and live video monitoring. To schedule an initial consultation, contact Frontline Security at 1-403-291-9311 or fill in the online contact form.


Yes, if you have existing security system features, we will work with you to evaluate the compatibility of our systems with your current system. Frontline Security may be able to provide additional security services on top of what you already have.

Frontline Security offers free quotes that are calculated using our accurate quoting system. Our clients never pay more than they are quoted, with no hidden fees or extra costs.

When it comes to what you can use your commercial access control system for, the possibilities include: 

  • Keyless entry
  • Keeping track of employees (audit trail)
  • Elevator access
  • Denying access to unwanted visitors
  • Restricting specific areas of your property to employees or tenants
  • Restricting access to your commercial property at specific times
  • Remotely allowing access to employees, tenants, or contractors via your smartphone
  • Intercoms
  • Gas pumps

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