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The Four Types Of Commercial Access Control

The Four Types Of Commercial Access Control

Commercial access control allows businesses to limit who has access to their building and at what times people have access as a way of increasing security. Using high-tech commercial security systems limits the risk of break-ins, theft, and the costs associated with replacing locks if an employee loses a key. It can also give specific members of staff permission to enter highly secured areas while limiting access to those areas for other staff. Many companies are switching to commercial access control as a way to secure their business and retain full authority. If you’re switching to this commercial alarm system, consider which type is best for your company's needs.

Different Access Control Options

1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
This type of commercial security alarm system grants access determined by the owner or manager of the company. DAC systems have user identification that gives specific people access to the premises and permissions can be set to limit access to certain rooms. A person given access may be identified through the use of a keycard, a pin, or a fingerprint scan. When this identification is given, the commercial security system will run those credentials against the permissions in the system to determine if that person has access. The use of this system relies on the person who is granting control to individuals (the owner or manager) and assumes they are giving access to the correct people. These types of security systems are best for companies that need flexibility.

2. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
This is one of the most secure types of commercial alarm systems since all of the control settings are preset and can’t be changed or removed without the permission of the system administrator, who is usually the company owner. Unlike a DAC that has a list of all employees, a MAC system classifies all users and grants access to areas based on the system’s programming. For access to change, the administrator has to reprogram that user’s access instead of just changing a security list like in the DAC system. While this offers more security, it also makes the system less flexible. The MAC commercial security system is best for companies that need high levels of security.

3. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
As the name implies, this commercial security system gives access permission based on an employee's role as opposed to them as an individual. For example, a company that has 25 employees but only 3 roles (let’s say a manager, assistant managers, and sales associates), then the company only needs 3 types of security access. If a person gets promoted, they can then be assigned to the new job title in the system. This type of commercial alarm system is becoming increasingly popular as it is simple yet highly secure.

4. Rule-Based Access Control
This type of control is often not a security access control used by itself; instead, it is used with one of the above mentioned commercial security systems as an added layer of security. In addition to whatever security system you have in place, rule-based access control allows the administrator to create rules that change the set permissions, such as setting the locks to keep business closed to everyone at certain times.

Commercial Access Control Security System Installation In Calgary

Commercial access control gives you complete authority over who has access to your building and when. It also gives you authority over which members of staff can access which area. These invaluable commercial security systems can help save your company money by preventing break-ins and theft as well as the costs incurred with lost keys and replaced locks. If your company wants to upgrade your commercial security system, consider what level of security you want as well as how flexible you need your system to be. If you’re struggling to decide which commercial access control system is right for your company, consult with the security experts at Frontline Security in Calgary. We provide full service for access control systems, from your consultation and installation to linking your video surveillance and commercial alarm systems. To set up your commercial access control system, contact Frontline Security at 1-403-291-9311 or fill out the online contact form.


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When it comes to what you can use your commercial access control system for, the possibilities include: 

  • Keyless entry
  • Keeping track of employees (audit trail)
  • Elevator access
  • Denying access to unwanted visitors
  • Restricting specific areas of your property to employees or tenants
  • Restricting access to your commercial property at specific times
  • Remotely allowing access to employees, tenants, or contractors via your smartphone
  • Intercoms
  • Gas pumps

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Many insurance companies offer adjusted rates for businesses with security systems that are installed and/or monitored by recognized security specialists. And in addition to those savings, you are less likely to experience the costs associated with inventory loss and fraud.

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Your First Line of Defence

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