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Is Your Home Security System Keeping Your Family Safe?

So you installed a self-monitoring alarm in your home complete with nifty security cameras set up along the perimeter of your house and an alarm that will sound immediately if there’s any intrusion.  You feel confident that your home, family and belongings are safe because if someone hits a sensor, you’ll receive a text message or phone call notifying you of the occurrence and you can respond accordingly, right? 

Well, yes in a perfect world but is that really going to prevent break-ins?  A percent of the time, yes, but what if you’re on a plane when your house is under attack?  Chances are those thieves have about 3 hours to rip your flat screen off the wall, cherry pick through your wife’s jewelry box and find stashes of cash around the house.  Oh and by the way, that’s best case scenario and assumes your loved ones aren’t home.

Self-monitored home alarms are great tools that provide additional protection of what’s yours. However, no matter how wonderful it sounds, you can’t monitor your home 24-7-365, it’s just not feasible.  Your alarm will always do its job; it will go off if there is a disturbance or entry.  It’s the lack of monitoring that will fail you.    
Here are some other issues with self-monitoring alarm systems:

Lack of Technical Support:  It’s just like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest; if no one is around to hear it, did it really happen? Your cameras are recording the entire burglary, but if nobody's around to report the incident, did your house really get robbed? Of course it did, but without actual surveillance, your home could be successfully ran-sacked before you can do anything about it.   
Maintenance:   With self-monitored alarms, you’re responsible for the upkeep of your system and you may inadvertently neglect a small component that can result in your house losing its best defense.
Delayed Reaction:  As mentioned earlier, you can be alerted to a break-in but if you’re stuck in a meeting, or lose reception you’re losing precious moments to stop the infraction.  The police won’t be notified until you call them and these vandals could be getting away.

With monitored systems, there are eyes on your home 24-7-365 whether you’re watching or not.  If there is a disturbance at your home, monitors will notify authorities and you immediately increasing the chances of catching the burglars, protecting your home and most importantly giving you peace of mind.  

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