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Is Your Calgary Home Security Setup Obsolete?

Is your Calgary home security system outdated? Upgrade it with tips from our Calgary home security and alarm company.

The best Calgary home security system is one that keeps your household safe conveniently, affordably, and effectively. Every homeowner has different needs and home security preferences, so individual home security setups often vary in complexity and style.

When it comes to general guidelines, there are certain broad home security tactics that, while once considered very up-to-date or popular, are now better off exchanged for more modern home security techniques.

Your Calgary Home Security System May Need Updates If...

Your Locks Aren’t Remotely Accessible

Outdated: Password-protected keypad locks were once considered the most modern alternative to conventional key locks. However, if, in 2017, you’re not able to lock your door and arm your Calgary home security system remotely, your security setup is not as up-to-date as it could be.

Update It: Ask a Calgary alarm company about smart options for your locks and lighting.

  • These systems make it easy to lock doors or turn off lights remotely if you forget on your way out
  • Additionally, visitors or maintenance workers will only be able to access your home using their own phone or when you grant them access

The fact that there is no need to track down keys that can be lost or duplicated can go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

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Your Calgary Home Security System Is Hardwired

Outdated: Some individuals find that hardwired Calgary home security systems are an older security system style, it meets their needs just fine.

However, even if the system meets a homeowner’s baseline security preferences, it could be coming with a higher cost. This is because:

  • Wired systems require a landline
  • If a homeowner is primarily using to cell phones and web-based TV services rather than cable, keeping a landline open solely for a security system is likely not the most cost-effective option

Update It: Many wireless home security setups are available, and the price points vary enough that there is a comfortable option for every household.

Plus, wireless home security systems come with other benefits including:

  • The systems can be installed in hard-to-reach places more easily
  • Wireless home security setups make it easy for homeowners to check on or adjust their home security settings remotely
  • Installing a wireless system does not require drilling holes or running wires throughout the home, meaning the installation will be more simple
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You’re Not Using Video Monitoring Effectively

Outdated: In the past, most homes have opted for alarms and sensors. Video monitoring systems were seen as “overkill” or as prohibitively costly. However, as technology has advanced, home surveillance technology has become much more affordably priced.

Update It: Homeowners can boost their Calgary home’s security by using video monitoring such as IP cameras. In addition to the obvious benefits of having video footage of a break-in culprit, video monitoring allows homeowners to:

  • Keep an eye on their children
  • Supervise childcare providers
  • Check on their pets while they are away
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You’re Relying On Lawn Signs And Stickers To Deter Thieves

Outdated: Are you banking on fake lawn signs and stickers to deter potential thieves? Often,home owners feel that using a sign or sticker will deter thieves without being as costly as a full home security system. Unfortunately thieves are aware of this bluff, which could leave homeowners' belongings or safety at risk.

Upgrade It: Our Calgary home security team understands that homeowners want to deter intruders before they can damage or steal property.Options such as smart lighting, can more convincingly create the idea that a person is in the house. However, this deterrent should still be paired with a fall-back such as a home security alarm.

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