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How to Protect Against Home Automation Hacking

Are you considering enhancing the safety and comfort of your home with home automation products? If so, here are some smart home automation safety tips you need to follow.

In Canada, home automation has gone from an inaccessible, luxury item, to a trend, and now to must-have technology. If you have not yet begun upgrading your house to a smart home, there are several reasons why you must consider it, including the fact that home automation will:

  • Improve your home security through devices such as smart locks and motion sensors.
  • Help you provide better care to your family, especially your children or senior parents.
  • Result in higher energy savings thanks to innovative products such as smart lighting and smart thermostats.
  • Help you save time and boost your productivity around the house.

Customized Home Automation Products in Calgary

At Frontline Security, our home automation products give you total control over your home and help keep your loved ones safe from danger. Whether you’re new to home automation or you’re looking to upgrade your smart home, we have affordable and customizable solutions for you!

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How Does Home Automation Protect My Home?

While most people think about enhanced home security when they think of home automation, smart home devices can also help you gain better control of your home’s systems which, if they were to fail and go unnoticed, could result in costly consequences.

These include:

  1. Smart thermostats. Smart thermostats will provide you with an alert if your home loses power, or if the temperature in your home falls below or rises above a set threshold.

  2. Water sensors. These innovative sensors can detect any unwanted water in the home, alerting you to potential leaks near dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, or other areas.

  3. Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially important for seniors who are living alone, as they can alert you to any unseen dangers, and provide remote monitoring and control capabilities that go beyond the classic alarm system.

Smart Home Security Systems

In addition to the above home automation products, investing in smart security systems can add a much-needed layer of security to your Calgary home, which is highly recommended, given the rising crime rate in the city.

Here are some products you may want to consider:

  • Smart locks remotely control and monitor home entry
  • Smart lighting allows you to control or program lights when you’re away, so you can make it look as if your home is occupied.
  • Smart motion lights, especially exterior ones, allow you to keep an eye on your entire property and will alert you to any movement outside your home.
  • Smart doorbells alert you to any activity on your doorstep and allow you to remotely view the visitor before you open up your home.
  • Smart garage doors will alert you if you’ve left the garage door open and it will also allow you to close it remotely.


How to Use Home Automation Safely

While home automation products can add a lot of convenience to your life, it’s important to secure these devices to protect against any hackers or other intrusions.

Here are some things you should be aware of:

  • Safety and security features of home automation products can vary widely. Before buying any product, evaluate each device for any potential safety and security issues.

  • Devices that are hard-wired to the internet, rather than those that rely on a Wi-Fi connection tend to be more secure. If your home automation device is linked through Wi-Fi, make sure to activate all the security features to protect against hackers.

  • Choose a strong password. You must remember that passwords are the first line of defense in your home security, so be sure to create a strong password for each device.

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At Frontline Security, a leading Calgary alarm company, we offer affordable and customizable home automation products and security systems to meet all your specific requirements and give you a more comfortable, safer, and convenient home.

To find out more about our affordable, customized home automation products and security solutions, contact our Calgary office today at 403-291-9311 or use our online contact form.

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