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How to Customize Your Home Automation Products to Suit Your Lifestyle

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Do you want to turn your house into a smart home? Here are some simple ways to customize your home automation products to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. 

Are you looking to increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home? Today, an increasing number of Calgarians are turning to home automation products to upgrade their home and enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • increased energy efficiency and lower electric bills
  • more control over your home
  • enhanced comfort and convenience
  • more efficient security system

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How to Customize Your Calgary Home Automation Products

We all have different schedules, careers, and families, so it’s absolutely crucial that our home fits our lifestyle. If you’re looking to dip your toe into having a smart home, then here are some ways that you can customize your home automation products to fit your unique needs:

1. Custom Lighting Schedules

With smart lighting, you no longer need to walk in the door at night and fumble for the light switch. With customized lighting schedules, you can now set up rules and have your lights turn on (and off) at specific times daily, and when certain actions occur (eg. the front door is opened).

Benefits Of Smart Lighting

  • Increased security
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Lower electric bills and energy savings

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2. Custom Door Codes

Smart locks are one of the most innovative home automation products and offer Calgary homeowners greater security and convenience. You can now create customized 4 digit codes for people and disable them when you want.

This can be very helpful when you’re having the pet-sitter come walk your dog, or whenever you want to give someone access to your home without giving them the code.


3. Smart Schedules On Your Thermostat

One of the greatest features of a smart thermostat is that it can analyse when you’re home, and when you’re away, and create a custom heating/cooling schedule for you. 

An automated thermostat:

  • allows you to save energy
  • enables you to adjust your home temperature from anywhere
  • gives you access to your energy usage
  • increases the value of your home


4. Create A Custom Home Security Solution

Using the latest home automation technology, you can create a custom home security solution that can be tailor made to fit all your security needs.

Home Security Options

  • IP surveillance cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Door sensors
  • Motion detectors

The team at Frontline Security has the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to tailor make security solutions to your exact needs, safeguarding your home, valuables, and family for total peace of mind.

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At Frontline Security, a leading Calgary alarm company, we offer affordable and customizable home automation products and security systems to meet all your specific requirements and give you a more comfortable, safer, and convenient home.

To find out more about our affordable, customized home automation products and security solutions, contact our Calgary office today at 403-291-9311 or use our online contact form.

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