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Winter's here, here's how to keep things safe and secure


With winter in full swing across Canada, homeowners need to take measures to ensure that their families and houses are safe during the cold days. Freezing temperatures really put your home to the test and it’s important for you to be ready for some of the chaos winter can bring. Read the blog below to find out more about winter home security.


Homes with fireplaces are often utilized during the cold weather, creating a warm cozy ambiance in the house. When fireplaces are activated they require regular maintenance to prevent the possibility of a chimney fire. Chimney fires are caused when unburned carbon residue along the walls of the chimney ignite (when the fireplace is activated). Keeping the walls of the chimney clean by professionals will prevent this potential fire hazard from starting. Another key preventative measure a homeowner can take is to ensure that all the fire alarms are in working order and the New Year is a great time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors.

With subzero temperatures it’s vital to prevent pipes in your home from freezing and bursting. A burst pipe during the winter can cause severe damage to your home. Keeping exposed pipes like the ones in a garage covered with towels will help keep them from freezing. It’s advised to keep the heat turned on in your home even when you’re away. A heated home will prevent the plumbing from freezing and will allow them to flow properly. Keeping a home heated does cost money and Frontline Security suggests installing an automated system that will turn the heat on and off throughout the day, according to a preplanned schedule. You might be able to escape the cold winter in Calgary for the warmth of Hawaii, but your home can’t. If you are on vacation, a home automation system will give you the ability to control the climate of your home from your smartphone. This allows you to periodically turn on the heat to ensure that pipes don’t freeze while you are away on holiday.


If you’re away from your home for an extended period of time during the winter months, sometimes the elements are the least of your concerns. Having a security surveillance system set up in the home is a great deterrent for thieves and vandals. Security systems in homes have evolved in the last decade. With new wireless technology your home no longer has to be reconfigured with invasive wiring. You can watch security video of both the inside and outside of your home via your smartphone and or tablet. Surveillance and Security cameras are one-time solutions and are built to a high standard of reliability. In a worst-case scenario if your home is vandalized or broken into the proper authorities can find the culprits responsible using the high definition security video.

Bottom Line

As Canadians we are more than up to the task of enduring another cold winter. Keeping your family and loved ones safe inside your home during these cold days is a big responsibility. The team at Frontline Security has been keeping homeowners and their properties safe since 2001. Installing automated systems in your home that control climate can help keep your energy costs low and will keep your home running properly during the cold winter, whether you are there or not. Frontline understands how difficult it can be to purchase a home and wants to keep your investment safe! Installing a video security system in your home will keep your mind at ease when you’re away on holidays!

For more information on Home Automation and Alarm/Security Systems for your home, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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