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Where's Greg? Frontline Looks at Video Surveillance in the Workplace

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Walk into a convenience store and there is a good chance you’ll see them. They’re definitely at a bank. Big department store…. Better believe it. Do something foolish and odds are a cellphone will catch it too! Security cameras are a part of everyday life. You might despise being video taped but when a crime is committed, you pray it was caught it on tape!


When talking about video cameras at any work place, the first theme that comes to mind is theft; it’s one of the main reasons video surveillance ever made an appearance. Security cameras are a great deterrent for loss prevention in stores selling any kind of consumer product. Workplaces that have merchandise for sale or have inventory on site always have to be concerned about theft, not only by costumers but also by employees. Employees in a workplace that have access to cash and merchandise are unlikely to steal if they know that video surveillance is being monitored. With the frequency of security camera surveillance in the last 10 years, employees are usually not even phased by being video taped as long as it doesn’t breach their rights to privacy.

Anyone Seen Greg?

High Definition, curve screen, plasma, you name it, Greg can sell it! He’s a natural salesman… when he’s on the actual sale’s floor. People have seen him closing the deal on lots of big sales, but when the store is slow and there is other work to do, Greg is usually missing in action. It’s always the same response from fellow employees when asked about his whereabouts:
            Greg? I think he’s on lunch?

            Greg? He’s out having a smoke.

            Greg? I just saw him. He said he’s going to the bathroom.

            Greg? Is he working today?

Greg always seems to have an answer when asked about his whereabouts.

            I was just at lunch.

            I was having a smoke break.

            Sorry, I was just in the bathroom.

            I wasn’t working today.

Management decides to go to the videotape and the proof is in the pudding! It turns out that Greg was on his lunch break… the problem is that he takes around three of them per day. The smoke breaks are also true… the problem is that he smokes a pack a day, which results in around five smoke breaks. The security surveillance doesn’t lie and Greg can’t talk his way out of it this time. If Greg had known about the workplace being monitored by video, there is a great chance that he would not have had such a lackadaisical attitude towards work. Video surveillance at work increases employee efficiency and helps avoid the nonchalant work ethic, like the one Greg has.  

Safe & Sound

The security camera at the workplace is also a great tool for keeping employees and employers safe. If your workplace has dangerous equipment around, it’s a smart idea to have video surveillance to monitor the safety of everyone. Undeniably it also helps an employer with liability issues, especially if an employee gets hurt at work because of negligent or unsafe practices.

In addition to the safe practices at work, security surveillance can catch improper and illegal interactions between people. The video camera can deter behavior like sexual harassment. If there is an unfortunate incident of sexual harassment or other criminal activity, the video camera can be used by the proper authorities in an investigation.

Bottom line

There are great benefits of having video surveillance installed at worksite or business. From deterring theft, to greater efficiency at work to ultimately keeping everyone safe, the team at Frontline Security is ready to install state of the art equipment for your business!

To find our more about Video Surveillance and Security Cameras Installations in general, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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