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What Are Your Pets Doing When You're Not Home?

Are there local hooligans vandalizing neighbourhood garages with graffiti? Is your dog jumping on the bed the moment you leave the house for work? It’s a wide scope; however, video surveillance with IP cameras allows you to monitor all the events happening in and around your home. Continue reading this week’s blog for tips on setting up IP cameras for your home.


With everyone recording everyone with smartphone cameras, it’s easy to forget that your home security surveillance system might be infringing on your neighbours right to privacy. There is nothing wrong with having your video surveillance pointed towards the street; however, if you can view your neighbour’s yard or the inside of their house, you are invading their privacy. With more and more homes installing security cameras, the government is trying to set new regulations. For the mean time, it’s best to consult with your fellow neighbours and inform them about your video surveillance. Additionally, we find that your neighbour can be a great ally when it comes to keeping your community safe so it helps to have a good relationship with them!


At Frontline Security, we always inform our clients on storage capabilities for data, especially if you’re going to be saving video images recorded from your surveillance system. If you’re going to be using your video surveillance system via remote monitoring, you might not need a large amount of storage. Remember, video images are large files and the greater the image quality, the greater amount of storage is required.


Before choosing any IP video surveillance system, make sure that they are viewable on your mobile device. Having remote monitoring capabilities with a smartphone or tablet allows you to view your home from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have an internet connection.

Network Passwords

Since IP cameras are connected to the internet, Frontline Security recommends having strong passwords for your home network system and to change them annually. A common security breach for homeowners is when their security system has a weak password and when the log-in information is set to manufacture defaults. Remember, intruders are tech-savvy and smarter than you think.

IP video camera surveillance systems are a great way to protect your family and home. If you have any questions on privacy issues with video surveillance or anything mentioned in this blog, feel free to contact us. To find how Frontline Security can install a state-of-the-art security system for your home and or business, contact us at 403-291-9311.

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