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View Multiple Locations At Once With Video Monitoring

View Multiple Locations At Once With Video Monitoring

If your business has several locations, numerous buildings on a property, a large floor plan, or occupies more than one floor, you need multiple security cameras for adequate video surveillance. Thanks to modern technology, this is now easily achievable through a centralized system that shows various video feeds on one monitor in real-time. Multi-location video surveillance uses seamless integration and accessibility so that all areas of the property can be viewed for peace of mind for owners and employees alike. Make sure you protect your business with a commercial video surveillance system that catches everything on camera.

Video Surveillance For Multiple Locations

View Separate Buildings
Several years ago, video monitoring for multiple locations was complicated and expensive, but technology has rapidly advanced and video surveillance is easier and more affordable to install than ever. If your business has more than one location or if you have both an office and a work site, central monitoring allows you to easily view all company property locations with ease. Modern video surveillance systems allow for consolidated live viewing of security footage from various locations, as well as video playback. You can access your video feed through a TV monitor or smart device, giving you the power to view any of your locations from your smartphone or computer.

View Different Areas
Video surveillance is also highly beneficial for large locations or multi-floor buildings. Even if you don’t have multiple properties, if your commercial space is large or has many areas with low visibility, having enough security cameras makes a comprehensive view of the entire building possible. For multi-story buildings, this allows for simultaneous viewing of different floors as well as main entrances, exits, stairwells, and elevators. By having video surveillance on all floors, you can keep an eye on employees and clients to assure everyone’s safety at all times.

Inside And Outside Security
It’s typical for businesses to need both inside and outside security cameras; the inside cameras help to discourage theft from the business and the outside cameras deter break-ins and vandalism. But this becomes more complicated for businesses that have more than one building or a large property. For these types of locations, you need multiple security cameras all with live video surveillance feeding to one monitoring source. If you have outdoor surveillance cameras, ensure that your security cameras are designed to withstand the cold.

View All Areas Of Your Business With Video Surveillance

Commercial video surveillance is an important part of protecting your business and your staff. If you have multiple locations that need video surveillance, whether spread out across the city or all on one site, a consolidated surveillance system lets you keep your eyes on all parts of your business at all times. At Frontline Security, our security experts ensure that your customized commercial security system is highly effective and easy to use so you can view your business anytime, day or night. To have a top-rated Calgary security company set your business up with commercial video surveillance, call the security experts at Frontline Security at 1-403-291-9311 or fill out the online contact form.


Our monitoring service is local. Our responders live where you live and have the experience and local knowledge to provide the best level of service and care.

Many insurance companies offer adjusted rates for businesses with security systems that are installed and/or monitored by recognized security specialists. And in addition to those savings, you are less likely to experience the costs associated with inventory loss and fraud.

Yes, Frontline Security offers live video monitoring to keep your business safe 24 hours a day. Learn more by reading The Benefits Of Live Video Surveillance.

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