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Types of IP Cameras

At Frontline Security in Calgary, we install security video surveillance for a wide variety of companies and residential homes. Depending on the security needs of your business or home, an IP Camera may be a necessity. There are two types of IP cameras which offer different storage capabilities. Read on to learn which one is right for you.

You’ve probably heard the term “IP Camera” before but you might not know what it stands for. An “Internet Protocol Camera” is a digital video camera used for surveillance purposes. If you’ve used a webcam before, you’ve essentially used an IP camera. There are two types of IP Cameras: Centralized and Decentralized. A Centralized IP camera requires a network video recorder, which essentially means that the video feed captured by the cameras is recorded in another location, for example another room or building. The network video recorder will manage both the video recording and manage the alarm system.

The Decentralized IP Camera does not require a network video recorder because all of the recording is done on the camera itself. The cameras have built-in recording capabilities where information is stored on storage media like SD cards.

  • Some of the major advantages of IP Cameras (centralized and decentralized) are:
  • Ability to have two-way audio communications via a single network cable
  • Live video feed is viewable from anywhere on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Ability to work on a wireless network
  • Easily moved from location to another
  • PTZ abilities (pan/tilt/zoom)

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