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Turn Your Calgary House Into a Smart Home in 4 Simple Steps

Are you considering turning to home automation? Here are the basic steps to setting up a smart home.

Until recently, the idea of home automation was relatively unfamiliar to most people. However, with more products and technologies becoming more affordable and easily accessible, Calgary homeowners are upgrading their houses.

Some of the incredible benefits of switching to home automation include:

  • more efficient and reliable home security system
  • increased energy efficiency
  • enhanced comfort
  • convenient control of your home
  • total peace of mind

Customised Home Automation in Calgary

At Frontline Security, a leading Calgary alarm company, we offer affordable and customizable home automation products and security systems to meet all your unique requirements and give you a safer, more comfortable, and more convenient home.

Customized Home Automation


4 Simple Steps to Setting Up a Smart Home

Home automation is designed to make your life simpler, but it can seem daunting to configure and set up. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Following these simple steps can get you on the path to a more comfortable, convenient, and safer home:

1. Find a Home Automation Expert

While you could try to tackle home automation on your own, turning to an expert that uses this technology every day could save you a lot of frustration! Working with a smart home expert can have many benefits, including:

  • easy integration of your existing home security system and features with the new home automation products.
  • they can help customise your new home automation products to suit your family’s unique needs.
  • saves you time and money.
  • a professional installer keeps up with all the latest home technology trends.
  • they can help prevent system glitches, giving you total peace of mind.

While the DIY method may save you some money in the short term, a home automation professional has the expertise to work around any challenges and implement reliable solutions to ensure you and your family can enjoy the benefits of this technology with total peace of mind!

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2. Check Your Internet

Before you buy any smart devices, you need to have wifi at home. Most smart devices need to be connected to the internet, either through a wireless router or through a hub that connects to your router.

If you struggle to get a good wifi signal in some parts of your home, or you find that your internet speeds are too slow, then it may be a struggle to get your new smart devices to connect to your wifi and work reliably.


3. Make Sure Your Smart Products Are Secure

Because your new smart devices are connected to the internet, it’s very important to keep them secure. Just like your computer and phone have passwords, so can your smart device. For maximum security, choose a password that’s different from your wifi router.


4. Use Just One Device

The more home automation devices you get, the more apps you’ll need to control them, Continuously switching between them can become confusing and may even lead you to accidentally start a cycle on your washing machine instead of turning on your lights!

The solution? Smart hubs. They work by creating a hub for any compatible smart devices you already have, meaning you’ll only need one app to control them all.


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