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Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Automation In 2018

Planning on upgrading your home this year? No, we’re not referring to a new coat of paint or a furniture change: we’re referring to the type of upgrade that can help boost your home’s security; cut your energy bill; allow older individuals to retain independence; permit younger ones to stay at home safely. In short, we’re referring to home automation.

If your idea of home automation is limited to fictional portrayals like The Jetsons or media coverage that lacks depth, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why our Calgary home security and automation team are outlining three things to keep in mind when shopping for home automation and security setups.


Take Stock Of Your Needs

While there are many home automation starter kits on the market,  that doesn’t mean that you should rush out to purchase all of them, settle for the first device you see, or buy something just because it's trending. Remember that a home automation system is designed to make your life easier, not just more “modern”. Taking stock of your home automation and security needs will keep you from making impulse purchases and winding up with devices that end up as discarded novelty items.

This is especially true when it comes to niche products. For example, if you don’t enjoy cooking, a smart crockpot might not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re a cooking enthusiast who is normally too busy to keep an eye on conventional appliances while they operate, a smart kitchen appliance would definitely add value to your life. 

Make a list of factors that are important to you. 

Are you seeking:

  • greater control over your home’s environment? Look into thermostats, lighting, and appliances that you can program and/or connect to a centralized hub or home assistant.
  • greater security? Consider smart locks with settings for family members and guests, motion-activated cameras, and home entry alerts. Lights with smart, varied timing settings are perfect for those who frequently travel.
  • to cut energy bills? While home automation systems may appear costly up front, the purchase price is often offset by the energy savings. Your thermostat can be lowered and raised before you arrive home; your sprinklers can be timed precisely, and your lights can be turned off on a timer or remotely.
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Make Sure All Products Are Compatible

Just a few years ago, one of the biggest criticisms of home automation technology was that it made it hard for homeowners to put everything together with one centralized “smart” hub or assistant controlling everything, especially if it was to be fully automated or voice-controlled.

In order to invest in the right products, do some quick research or speak to a trusted Calgary home automation expert to ensure that the product you’re considering will integrate seamlessly into your existing setup. 

Solving this issue is also made easier by the fact that many popular smart home managers or voice-controlled assistants provide lists of products that they support. 

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Be Realistic About Your Ability To DIY

The internet has opened up a huge realm of possibility for homeowners looking for home automation or greater security for their residence. Consumers are no longer limited to products and manufacturers located in their home city, and can order kits online with ease. Additionally, there are a plethora of guides out there that promise consumers that with the right guidance, they can install a home security system on the cheap. 

However, it’s important to be realistic. While there is a time and place for DIY projects and other cost-saving measures, when it comes to the security of your home and family, it’s best to entrust the setup to an expert. 



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