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The Home of the Future is Here

The phrase "home automation" may bring to mind outlandish images of the Jetsons and their robotic maid Rosie, but home automation has made the interconnected home of the future a reality. Here are 4 ways home automation can make your life easier.

  1. Moderate the lights and temperature
    You can now program your house to prepare itself for your arrival. It can adjust the temperature to your preset specifications and even turn on the lights to welcome you home. Both of these features can be controlled wirelessly, either through a computer or your phone, so you can adjust these settings from wherever you are. This can allow you to turn off lights and turn down the heat during the day, which will save you power. If you are out of town you can also cycle through the lights in your house to make it appear someone is home.

  2. Remote locking
    Never worry about forgetting to lock the door again. You can now control all the locks in your house wirelessly, which can actually increase the security of your home. Instead of lending out keys to friends and neighbours so they can check on your home and your pets while you are away you can now unlock the door for them at the click of a button.

  3. Nanny cameras and security cameras
    If you are concerned about the safety of your pets, or want to see who is ringing your doorbell you can now use both traditional exterior security cameras and interior nanny cameras. This is an excellent way to check on your home and help give you peace of mind. Paired with the remote locking technology listed above this means that if your dog walker rings the doorbell or calls you you can verify their identity, unlock the front door and then lock it once they leave with your pet. When they return from their walk they can inform you they are back, you can unlock the door so they can drop off your dog and then lock the door again once they leave.

  4. Start cooking dinner while still at the office
    Weeknights always seem to be a mad dash, between getting home, cooking dinner, eating dinner and cleaning up after dinner. You can now streamline this process by wiring your home appliances into your home automation system. Turn on the crock-pot remotely before you leave the office and start a load of laundry while you are commuting so that your clothes are ready to be dried when you step in the door.

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