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The Future of Video and Audio Security Systems in Calgary

Overview: Every industry and business nowadays has inventory, employees and high tech equipment that they need to keep safe. It only makes sense that an equal and preferably greater high tech security system is needed to protect those assets. Read the blog below to find out more about video and audio integration in security systems.

Security systems are becoming a standard for the majority of companies to keep people and businesses safe. There have been great strides made in the advancement of video surveillance integration with Ultra HD cameras, movement from analog to IP, stronger network connections, greater data storage capabilities and smartphone accessibility. The advancements are not all visual based - there are more advanced methods of capturing audio feeds and the trend for security systems is moving towards having the two integrated.

Mafia movies have illustrated the limitations of security systems that are void of audio recordings. You’ll often see the authorities taking photos and video of the bad guys with lip-readers translating the conversations. Companies that use surveillance systems have to rely solely on video images, which are powerful but have their limitations. There are numerous occasions where hearing the conversation of suspects would have greatly helped during an investigation. The main issue surrounding recording audio feeds in surveillance has to deal with legalities, which this blog will explore as well.

Security systems are expected to grow at a rate of billions of dollars per year with plans to combine video and audio to make it more readable to buyers. The integration of audio-video systems would greatly elevate security in places like convenience stores, transportation hubs and other public areas. For example, listening capabilities can give the authorities the upper hand by knowing if a suspect is planning a robbery shortly before entering a commonly targeted business, such as a convenience store. This might not stop the actual robbery, but it allows for the security personnel that are listening to get the jump on calling the police. In other cases, complete security systems are being used to increase safety in the public transportation industry. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority decided recently to have an integrated video-audio system installed on their rail cars. The information gathered will help prevent accidents, examine incidents and increase safety.

As security systems move towards audio-visual real time communications, anyone that purchases an integrated security system has to be aware of legal issues. Public places and areas that have signs posted that clearly state that there is video being recorded are legal. Signs stating that there are both audio and video surveillance also have to be clearly defined but are less common. In workplaces, employees have to be fully aware that they are being videotaped but currently employers can’t record conversations in Canada. Canada’s privacy laws also prohibit videos to be recorded in locker rooms and bathrooms for obvious reasons.

The Bottom Line: There is a growing demand for guards to have two-way communications with audio and video capabilities. However, security surveillance systems even without audio are very effective in multiple industries as they can deter crime, vandalism, theft of inventory and increase safety. Industry leaders Frontline Security can attest to the benefits that security systems provide for homes and businesses.

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