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The Benefits of Thermal Security Cameras

The Benefits of Thermal Security Cameras

Security cameras can be an invaluable component of an effective security system. They can act as a deterrent to theft and crime and provide the means to monitor and record the goings-on around your home or business. If you are considering cameras as a tool in the protection system for your space, consider thermal security cameras for the additional benefits they offer.

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What Are Thermal Security Cameras?

Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras work by measuring the heat emitted by persons and objects within its detection range. By contrasting the thermal energy between all the objects in the scene the display image can highlight movement and activity even in total darkness. This makes thermal security cameras superior to standard imaging cameras because lighting, visual obstructions, and weather conditions do not hinder the ability of these cameras to capture images.

If you are looking to add a tool to your protection arsenal that takes your security system to the next level, consider thermal cameras for their superior ability to detect and record motion under any conditions. The first thermal imaging cameras were developed in the late 1950s for military use. They enhanced the ability to identify enemy forces even in the darkest conditions. By the mid-1960s thermal imaging was employed for many commercial uses too. Here are some of the benefits of thermal imaging for home and business security:

No More Visual Barriers: Regular cameras are limited when anything blocks their range of view. Poor weather conditions like fog or rain, debris that may blow in front of a camera, environmental factors like smoke, even deliberate attempts to block a camera with paper or fabric are irrelevant obstacles for thermal imaging cameras. Because these cameras detect thermal energy and not reflected light, they can detect images right through any visual obstructions.

Easy Concealment: Because thermal cameras can detect heat and energy through many materials to create imaging, discreet placement is much more possible. Thermal cameras can be camouflaged with foliage, screens, and placement making it much more difficult for thieves to find and disable them.

No Lighting Constraints: Standard cameras rely on strategic lighting to give them the optimal conditions to detect and record movement and activity. Thermal cameras do not require special lighting considerations and can even operate in complete darkness.

Hard To Avoid: Even the most savvy criminal will have a hard time avoiding detection from a security system that operates by recording even the slightest variations in temperature between the existing elements in an environment and intruding, moving elements in range.

More Reliable: Thermal imaging cameras can capture details that the human eye cannot… in real-time and in playback. Their ability to detect even radiant differences in challenging conditions can offer superior footage of small details like facial features, vehicle details, and more.

Cost Saving: Because thermal cameras are not inhibited by factors such as lighting conditions and visual obstructions, often fewer cameras are needed to provide comprehensive security coverage for your home or business.  

Comprehensive Security Systems In Calgary

Incorporating thermal imaging surveillance cameras into the security system for your home or business is a smart way to avoid the limitations of standard security cameras. Thermal cameras will allow you to bypass the restrictions caused by low-lighting conditions, weather, and visual obstructions and build the most comprehensive and technologically appropriate surveillance system to keep your family, home, employees, and business safe.

When you are ready to explore the options available for residential or commercial security systems available for your home or business in Calgary, the team at Frontline Security is ready to help you. Call us for a free security audit of your home or business to identify areas of concern and let us design a customized security solution that considers all available tools, technologies, and services for every budget. We guarantee the highest quality of security technology and equipment, vigilant monitoring services,  and the most professional installation customer experience. For your free, no-obligation quote, contact the team at Frontline Security in Calgary at (403) 291-9311.


Q: Will a security camera system impact my insurance rates?
A: Many insurance companies offer adjusted rates for homeowners with security systems that are installed and/ or monitored by recognized security specialists. And in addition to those savings, you are less likely to experience costly home thefts due to the deterrent properties of a home security system. 

 Q: Are thermal cameras much more expensive than regular cameras?
A: It can be more expensive per unit for thermal cameras. But these costs can be offset by reducing the number of cameras necessary to provide full surveillance and by eliminating the need to incorporate a lighting system to make standard security cameras most effective.

Q: Does Frontline monitor by video feed?
A: We offer 24-hour monitoring and two-way audio to scare potential intruders away. You will also be able to access your home and property video feed in real-time on your own device.

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