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The Benefits of IP Camera-based Business Security

Overview: If you run a business then getting a professional security solution is a must. Not only will it make your business more secure but it will also increase your company's productivity. Want to find out more? Check out the blog below.

IP Cameras are starting to revolutionize the way that businesses operate. Before the days of high-definition security camera footage, business owners were limited to grainy, low-quality video recordings that were often inconclusive as best. But now, with the rise of advanced surveillance technology like IP Cameras, the way in which businesses use security cameras is changing.

What Advantages Do Technology Like IP Cameras Have?

While IP Cameras aren't the only new and exciting type of surveillance cameras on the market, they are a great example of the advancements that are happening in the security camera world. IP Cameras have two main advantages over the analog CCTV cameras of the past. Firstly, they provide HD video quality that allows for clear and definitive playback and viewing. Secondly, they offer users the ability to view and monitor the camera's footage remotely from any device that is connected to the Internet. Both these features offer businesses and companies more flexibility and features than ever before. Instead of being limited to viewing footage from a hard wired monitoring room, users can now track what's going on no matter where they are provided they have Internet access.

Due to the flexibility that IP Cameras offer, an increasing number of businesses are using them for more than just security. Thanks to their high-quality footage, IP Cameras are often used for business analytics, productivity and supply management.

How To Choose An IP Camera

Before you choose which IP Camera you buy, there are a few things you must take into consideration. Here are the top two:

Video Quality

Before you hand over any money, it's important that you choose a camera that has HD video capabilities. HD is now an industry standard and it plays an crucial role in accurately capturing faces and actions. Without HD video on your security camera, important details, movements and evidence can be easily lost.


There are many different types of IP and Security Cameras out there, all serving their own specific uses. Some may be located in a big warehouse to monitor security and productivity, whereas others may be found at the top of street light at the corner of a cold outdoor parking lot. Where is your surveillance camera going to be used? Depending on the environment it will be used in and the purpose it will serve, your IP Camera will need to be fit for the task. This is an especially important consideration if you're planning on using the camera outside.

To find out more on how to choose the right security camera for your home or business, contact Frontline Security today on 403-291-9311.

Don't Forget!

Once you buy your camera, the first thing you need to do is to change the default password! This seemingly trivial detail can cause your whole camera network to be viewed by anybody who wants to! If you don't believe us, take a look at – prepare for a shock!

Bottom Line: The advancements in security camera technology have given businesses the option to use their cameras for more than just a security solution. The high-quality footage captured by devices such as IP Cameras give businesses the tools they need to perform business analytics, manage stock and gauge productivity. In this blog we've taken a look at just some of the benefits that modern surveillance cameras offer and mentioned a couple of essential features to look for in your next device.

For more information, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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