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Summer Security Tips: Windows and Doors

The rising temperatures this time of year make opening windows and doors to get some fresh air more and more tempting. But be careful – an unlocked window, especially on ground level and basement floors, can provide an easy way in for an opportunist.

If you do decide to open any doors or windows make sure that they are securely closed and locked when you leave the room. Even if you are only planning on leaving for a short period of time this is still important as it can be surprisingly easy for that one unlocked window to slip your mind, especially after a long winter of unopened windows.

In some cases, keeping your windows and doors securely closed may actually save you money. If you use air conditioning then open windows will inhibit the system’s efficiency and so a secure household could potentially reduce your energy bills, keep you cool and make your house safer.

If don’t use air conditioning and are still struggling to remember to close and lock your windows every time you leave then maybe installing such a system might be a good idea. By making your house cooler and eliminating any need to leave windows or doors unlocked, an air conditioning system could make your house a safer place.

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