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Stay Connected To Your Pet With Home Automation

Concern for your pet’s well-being is inevitable even if you have entrusted their care to a family member or friend. Home automation in Calgary can help ease your stress and provide you with security services that help you make sure your furry friends stay healthy and happy while you’re away. It is important to consider all the home automation options available to you to help you monitor your pet as well as your home.

Leaving a pet in your Calgary home isn’t always an easy decision but sometimes necessary for a number of reasons such as:

  • Costs associated with travelling with pets
  • The stress pets may experience due to extensive travel
  • Environments not suitable for domesticated animals


Use IP Surveillance Cameras to Help Monitor Your Home and Your Pet

Home surveillance options allow you to conveniently keep track of your home and furry loved ones with the touch of a button. Installing IP cameras you provide many benefits to your home such as

  • Added protection and security for both inside and outside your home
  • Physical access to see your pet’s well-being
  • Peace of mind knowing that your home and furry friend are both well taken care of

By using IP surveillance cameras you can keep an eye on your beloved pets and ease your worry for their well-being.

When choosing a security company serving the Calgary area to provide you with different home automation and IP surveillance camera options, be sure to do your homework.  A reliable and reputable security company like Frontline Security should offer the option of using IP cameras for surveillance and provide their clients with various added security features. These include:  

  • Sending & receiving data through the internet (increasing business functionality and productivity)
  • 2-way audio & visual interactions
  • IP camera mobility to fit your needs
  • Both indoor and outdoor home security installation


Use Home Automation To Transform Your Home Into a Smart Home

Installing home automation also gives you the option to include additional features such as:

  • Controlling lights and appliances in your home
  • Automated Locks
  • Adjusting the temperature in your home from the touch of your phone

By choosing to include these features to your home automation system provides you with:

  • The potential for a lower electricity bill
  • Increased security for pets
  • A decreased chance for break-ins and other potential safety hazards

With a quality home surveillance system, keeping your pets safe has never been easier.

Home Automation Benefits


Use Both IP Cameras & Home Automation To Ensure Safety

By securing your Calgary home inside and out you make it more difficult to lose track of your pet. Whether they are snoozing in the living room or outside of the home enjoying the Calgary sun, IP surveillance cameras and home automation systems help you keep an eye on your furry friend without having to search high and low. The benefits of using these systems simultaneously is that your pet is not the only one to benefit but also

  • Children who enjoy spending time outside of the home
  • Elderly loved ones in need of supervision to ensure their safety
  • Yourself by giving you an added sense of security


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