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Spring & Summer Security Tips for Calgary Homes

We’re in the thick of spring and with June around the corner, many Calgarians are preparing for camping trips and holidays with family members. Unfortunately, intruders and burglars rev up their activity in warmer months. In today’s blog, Frontline Security in Calgary has some helpful tips to keep your home safe and sound for the summer months.

With the summer approaching the days get longer, which means you and your family are going to be enjoying activities in and around the city. As you go out, remember to keep up the appearance of activity in your home, especially if you’re gone for an entire weekend. Frontline Security installs a variety of home automation devices that control lights and other devices that will make your house look occupied when you’re off on a camping trip.

We also recommend maintaining landscaping for your home’s back and front yards. Overgrown hedges and unkempt yards give intruders places to hide. If you’re gone on holidays, hire a company to cut your grass or ask the neighbors to help out. Intruders are smarter than you think, and overgrown grass can tip them off to a home that is not occupied.

Spring means spring-cleaning, use this time as an opportunity to test and service your home security system. Intruders don’t have to physically break into your home; they can hack into your home network to steal private information. Frontline Security highly recommends changing your network passwords and your alarm codes. As a team, have your family check all your video surveillance cameras to ensure that they are positioned properly and have clear views of your home’s entry points.

Stay up to date with your home security needs by annually conducting tests of your alarm system and you will keep your family safe year-round. To find out how Frontline Security in Calgary can install a state-of-the-art home security systems contact us today at 403-291-9311.

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