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Sonos Speakers: The Future of Wireless Audio

Overview: If you're a fan of streaming music and using your smartphone, then you'll love what HiFi company Sonos has to offer. To find out what this unique company does and why they're so special, check out the blog below.


When Sonos started out back in 2002, they had a simple aim – to bring speaker technology into 21st Century. For so long, high-quality sound systems were defined by a highly technical array of wires and connections and this scared many people away from the world of high-quality audio. Sonos wanted to change this and they made it their goal to introduce great sounding music into every room of every home.

How Did They Plan On Doing This?

One of the greatest downsides to high-quality sound systems is the amount of cables and connectors that normally come with these set-ups. By combining the Internet and smart devices with a virtually cable-free high-quality speaker set, Sonos made this happen and today they offer some of the best audio equipment on the market.

How Do Sonos Speakers Work?

Sonos speakers work by connecting to your home WiFi network via either an Ethernet cable or their wireless bridge connector, and from there you can control what music you want to hear from your smartphone. This gives the speakers their flexibility as you can move them around your house by simply unplugging the power cable. This is not something you can say for traditional Hi-Fi set-ups!

How Do I Play Music?

Once your speaker is hooked up to your home network you simply download the free Sonos app to your smartphone and begin streaming music from either your iTunes or your favourite streaming service straight to your speaker.

Various streaming services are supported and more continue to be added regularly. Examples include Deezer, Songza, Spotify, Napster/Rhapsody, 8tracks, Google Play, Hype Machine and more.

What Speakers Are Available?

Sonos currently offer three main wireless speakers: the Play: 1, Play: 3, and the Play: 5. They also offer a wireless speaker bar and sub-woofer for home theatre entertainment systems.

For more info on their products, check out this link:

Can You Combine More Than One?

Yes! One of the greatest features of Sonos speakers is the fact that you can combine speakers together to create your own custom wall of sound. This means that you can start out with one speaker and over time add more to your collection until your whole house is connected. With the Sonos app you can control which speakers are playing which tunes, and even select left and right channels. This allows you to set different moods in different rooms and to create your own personal stereo experience.

Bottom Line:

With Sonos there's really not much of a catch. Sonos speakers provide is an extremely high-quality and convenient listening experience that combines the ease of the iPod generation with the quality of the old-school. Start with one and build up a collection over time, and before you know it you'll be playing great sounding audio throughout your entire home.

For more information on Sonos speakers, and to find out which model is right for you, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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