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Security Systems Protect Your Business

Installing a security system can protect your business in a variety of ways by decreasing employee theft, deterring shoplifters and burglars, decreasing the likelihood you will be subject to fraudulent claims and decreasing the cost of your insurance premiums.

  1. Reducing employee theft
    While we all want to believe our employees are completely honest people this is unfortunately not always the case. By strategically placing cameras throughout your business can deter dishonest employees from taking things that do not belong to them. They can also be used to improve employee productivity as employees are less likely to waste time on the clock if they feel they are being watched.

  2. Deterring shoplifting
    Unscrupulous customers are much less inclined to steal if they feel they are being watched. A security camera hooked up to a monitor at the front of the store, or helpful signs pointing out security cameras can go a long way towards protecting your merchandise.

  3. Reducing burglaries
    A security system is an excellent way to prevent unauthorized entry to your business. Burglars are less likely to break into a business if they know it is equipped with a security system and cameras. If they do break in, a loud security system could scare them enough that they leave without taking anything and a camera can help you identify the culprits after the fact.

  4. Reducing fraudulent claims
    Some individuals may seek to make fraudulent claims against your business, like suggesting they were injured by tripping over objects left in an aisle or that they slipped on uncleared ice the parking lot. Security footage can help substantiate your position against fraudulent claims, protect your business’ reputation and help you avoid lawsuits.

  5. Reducing your insurance premiums
    Many insurance companies offer reduced rates for homes and businesses that are equipped with security systems. This is because they recognize that these buildings are less likely to be targeted by thieves and burglars and are therefore less likely to require insurance payouts.

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