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Security Cameras In Retail Settings

When people thinking about protecting their retail business from theft they tend to think about deterring people in masks from smashing their windows in the middle of the night and driving away with unpaid merchandise. Though this can happen, security cameras can also be used to safeguard your business in variety of other, sometimes less obvious, ways.

  1. Monitor employee behavior
    Every company has a list of policies and practices that employees are suppose to follow. From how to interact with customers to how to properly count and record money these policies ensure that the company runs in a smooth, uniform and efficient manner. Some employees, however, may be tempted to take shortcuts and circumvent these policies. This can lead to poor customer service, errors when tallying cash or lackadaisical shelf stocking practices. Employees who are being actively monitored are more likely to actively adhere to company policies because they know they will be held accountable for any errors or policy lapses.

  2. Reduce or eliminate time theft
    Time theft is not something many employers think about, but it can affect the company’s bottom line directly. Employees who are not actively working can negatively affect the company in a variety of ways. First, employees that are slacking in a retail setting are neglecting the store and it’s customers. A customer that isn’t attended to is less likely to make a purchase, and a messy or dirty store makes customers less likely to return. Employee slacking also wastes company funds because you are paying employees to be there whether they are actively working or not. Employees that are being watched are more likely to be industrious, increasing productivity and profits.

  3. Reduce or eliminate employee theft
    Not all employees are honest. With privileged access to store rooms and cash unscrupulous employees can have a variety of opportunities to take things that don’t belong to them. Security cameras placed in strategic locations can be strong deterrents that encourage dishonest employees to keep their hands to themselves. If an employee does steal something, such as money or merchandise, it is easier to identify the culprit if you catch them on tape. Having a record of unscrupulous behavior is also useful should your employee claim wrongful termination or you end up in court over the matter.

  4. Protect the company from fraudulent claims
    Aside from monitoring employees, security cameras are also useful for deterring dishonest customers and employees from making fraudulent claims. If an employee is injured at work a security camera tape can be integral to determining the truth of the matter, and determine whether the company or the employee is at fault. Dishonest customers may also be less tempted to make fraudulent claims about slips or falls within the store or the surrounding parking lot if they know their actions are being monitored. Security cameras protect not only your company’s physical location but also its reputation.

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