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Security Camera Types for Video Surveillance

If you’re planning on installing video surveillance for you home or business, you will need to decide early on what type of camera is best suited for your security system. At Frontline Security, when we design a video surveillance system, we look at the following factors: Lighting, environment, installation, lens and viewing.


If the area you are monitoring has ample and bright lighting, then you will need very few restrictions for your camera type. In cases where there are dim or low-levels of lighting, you’ll need a night time camera, which has a light sensitivity of 1 Lux or less. For facilities that have lighting levels that fluctuate, you’ll need a Day & Night Camera, which you can guess by the name, will adjust accordingly.


Is your video surveillance going to be used indoor or outdoor? For facilities that are indoors and have climate control, you can install an indoor or outdoor camera, but the same cannot be said for outdoor facilities. Outdoor cameras, unlike indoor cameras, are built to withstand weather conditions, which in Calgary means anything from freezing cold conditions to blinding sunshine.


Wireless technology has come a long way in the past decade, and when it comes to video surveillance cameras, you now have the option to place your cameras just about anywhere in your home or business. The key reason you may still choose a hard-wired video surveillance camera is that they send a stronger and more secure signal because they are sent through cables. Wired cameras will require a higher degree of installation, compared to their wireless counterpart, which can be placed just about anywhere. Wireless systems use Wi-Fi and at Frontline Security, we highly recommend that you secure your home network and routinely change passwords.


It’s all about the view! If your surveillance will be fixated on one position, for example, the parking lot, you will require a standard fixed camera. On the other hand, if your video surveillance requires multiple views, you will need to invest in a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. PTZ’s use a swivel to turn the camera and can be controlled by a variety of remote systems, including your mobile device. The PTZ camera can also adjust vertically and has the ability to zoom in and out. You can also program the PTZ cameras to pan, tilt or zoom when motion is detected.


Once again, with the advancement of technology in communications, you have more options on how you’d like to view the video feed from your surveillance system. Video surveillance can be recorded to your DVR or to a CCTV monitor and can be viewed from your home or your business; however, with remote access you can now view your video surveillance from anywhere on the planet using your mobile device. Remote access requires your camera to be web-enabled and you’ll also need an Internet connection on your tablet or smartphone.

For more information on video surveillance for your home and or business, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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