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Protect Your Home Technology From Cyber Threats

With the growing number of cyber crimes attributed to hackers and cyber criminals many residents of Calgary are looking to security companies to protect their identities online. With these risks in mind, be sure to pay careful attention to how you protect your online identity as well as your home.

As technology has evolved to create a convenient environment for people to work and play, cyber crime has also grown and changed. There is a growing need for cyber security due to unfortunate circumstances such as:

  • Fraud
  • Access to your private and important documents
  • Invasion of your personal online privacy


1. Enhance Your Security By Using Two-Step Verification

Unfortunately the information that cyber criminals can find out about you online can inevitably jeopardize the safety and security of your home. A simple step you can take to deter hackers is by using two-factor authentication. This means that when you enter your password in an app or program, a secondary, temporary password is sent to another device, email address, or forwarded to you as a text.  

If hackers attempt to gain access to your private accounts, you are notified by text or email notifying you of a login attempt from a new, untrusted device. This gives you the upper hand: you’ll know when your account is being tampered with. This is helpful because:

  • You are immediately notified about any suspicious, unusual activity from your account
  • You are alerted before cyber criminals have gained access to your information


2. Review Your Privacy Settings To Enhance Home Security

Reducing your risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime is dependent on preventative measures. Various pieces of technology you use will have privacy settings you can easily check on such as

  • Your cellphone
  • Email account
  • Various social media accounts

Take a moment to go through your security settings to ensure that your privacy settings are up to date and exactly how you would like them to be configured. If anything seems unusual or out of the ordinary with your privacy settings, you can take the necessary actions by

  • Updating those privacy settings to fit your needs
  • Changing your password

Home security companies such as Frontline Security know the value in securing peace of mind and offering convenience by keeping your home safe from the touch of your phone, computer or tablet. With expertise in security and serving Calgary residents since 2001, Frontline Security uses their custom security solutions to provide their clients with top notch services such as

  • Fully integrated solutions for IT
  • Security experts dedicated to ensuring your needs are met
  • Ensuring quality performance for both home and business security
  • Calgary Home Security Services
  • Calgary Business Security
  • Calgary Home Automation

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3. Keep physical copies of your documents & an external hard drive

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are to protect your online identity and documents, technology is not invincible. Cyber criminals may gain access to your personal files or bombard your computer’s system with viruses and cause the software to crash. This is why it’s important to keep physical copies of important documents and an external hard drive in your home to back up online documents that may not be easily transferable into a physical copy. This is an important step because

  • Online security is not always guaranteed
  • By staying prepared, you can withstand the loss of a malfunctioning computer
  • You still have access to your documents
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