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Marry Your Home Automation to Remote Home Monitoring

What a world we live in today: we have cars that can parallel park themselves, you can cash a cheque from your phone, Robots are wandering around (I saw one at Disneyland) and probes are orbiting around Pluto. It’s like we’re living in a Bond movie! Shaken, not stirred. I digress…
With this new technology, comes an incredible amount of accessibility at our fingertips. For instance, new home security systems are changing the way in which your home is secured.  An alarm doesn’t just go off if a thief tries to open a window nowadays, (though it still will) you now have the ability to interact with your security system before the thief gets to your window and you have video footage of their face. That’ll teach them! 
With the marriage of remote monitoring and home automation, you can not only (literally) watch your house with security cameras, but you can control a ridiculous variety of things in your home from afar on a mobile device.

Want to turn the coffee on before you get home?  Done. 
Want your house to be warm and toasty when you come home from work?  You can crank up the heat before you leave the office. 
Want to make sure that your housekeeper locked the door before they left?  Boom. 
Want to know when your daughter’s boyfriend is over? Uhm, Yea.
Let the plumber in when he gets to the front door, watch him while he’s there and lock the door behind him all while sitting in your office. 

Talk about comfortable and convenient peace of mind!  You can even customize this marriage and receive texts or other notifications when something is out of sorts at your home.

Imagine receiving a text when your youngest child (who can’t swim very well) has entered the pool area? 
Or getting notified that your house hits a certain temperature and there’s a potential fire?
Check in on your pets, your sleeping baby and who’s at the door when you’re sitting on the couch (see if it’s worth answering).


I continue to be impressed by the comforts technology provides us with. These advances make us greener, smarter and more importantly they give us back control of our lives.
If you’re interested in home security automation and want to update your security system, call us today at 403.291.9311 for a free quote. 


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