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Lumber Thefts Are On The Rise: How Residential Video Surveillance Can Protect You

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Lumber Thefts Are On The Rise: How Residential Video Surveillance Can Protect You

The surge in lumber prices has left many Calgarians scratching their heads. Should they build a new home or renovate it? 

Nowadays, lumber is treated like gold. Its high demand has been attracting thieves around the city. In fact, Calgary authorities have been warning homeowners about a rise in theft, as lumber prices increase.

One of the many ways homeowners can protect their lumber as well as their home is to install live security video surveillance. Thieves will certainly think twice if they run the risk of being caught on a video camera!

Protect Your Home And Lumber With Residential Video Surveillance Cameras

Not long ago, having video surveillance installed in your home as a security measure was seen as over-the-top and expensive. Indeed, cameras were more commonly used for parking garages, businesses, and government agencies; they were never really seen as necessary for your home. 
Nowadays, security surveillance has become standard in most homes largely thanks to increased availability and the ease of installation. Technological improvements have spurred major advancements in video quality and recording capability, all the while significantly reducing costs. 
As lumber thefts continue to rise in Calgary, it might be time to consider installing a home security system to protect any lumber you may have for your home projects or renovations.
Our Calgary home security company has decades of experience providing our clients with the best home security products, services, and advice in the city. To speak to one of our team members about our home security offerings, contact us at 403-291-9311 or via our contact form online.

3 Benefits Of Residential Video Surveillance Cameras For Your Home

According to CTV News Calgary, many Calgarians are concerned about safely storing their lumber in their yards and garages, as theft continues to increase in the city. 

Installing video surveillance cameras in and around your home can help deter burglars and give you peace of mind. 

Here are some of the many ways video surveillance installation in your home can benefit you:

  • Deter crime and theft: Just the mere presence of a security camera can deter criminals from your property. In most cases, thieves will inspect a home before they rob it. If they see professional surveillance cameras on your property, they will be much more inclined to abort their attempt. If you are a victim of a crime or theft, security footage can also provide evidence to the authorities.
  • Have remote access to your home: Modern security systems can now let you remotely access and monitor live footage and request immediate access to authorities and emergency responders. Depending on your security provider, you will be able to control thermostats, smart keyless door locks, lighting, and much more while keeping an eye on your home from afar.
  • Lower your homeowner's insurance: You will be eligible for home insurance discounts anywhere from 5% to 20% when you have a security system in place. Video surveillance shows insurance providers that you take your home protection seriously. In addition, in the event of a burglary, you will be able to provide a valid insurance claim with your security footage as evidence.


The sense of security and comfort you gain from installing an alarm system in your home is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. You and your family can confidently feel safe while knowing all of your belongings are being watched over—even when you are away. With lumber thefts on the rise in Calgary, now would be a great time to explore video surveillance options for your home's security.

You worked hard for your home. Protect it the way you have always wanted to! If you would like more information about our residential security cameras or to book a free consultation with one of our security experts, contact us today by calling (403) 291-9311 or by filling out our online contact form.


How do I know which cameras to use for my home's security?

The best and most recent technology for home security systems is IP surveillance cameras. These cameras come equipped with HD video, sound recording, two-way communication technology, and so much more!

What happens if one of my cameras stops working?

Unless the camera is physically damaged, one of our technicians will be dispatched to repair it right away for free. 

Will I need different types of cameras for outdoor and indoor installation?

New IP surveillance technology allows cameras to withstand harsh outdoor environments, including Calgary winters! They are also discreet, blending in perfectly with your property.

Your First Line of Defence

Your First Line of Defence

In a world of ever-increasing threats, you need a security company you can count on. We’re that company. Our Calgary-based full-service security company specializes in commercial security solutions, providing large-scale properties and facilities with the protection they need to guard their valuable assets. We also provide residential alarm and video surveillance systems, giving homeowners the peace of mind they need to sleep soundly at night. 

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Put us on the frontline and rest easy knowing you’re properly defended.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

You’ve worked hard to build your business or buy your home. Now it’s time to protect them properly and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Our full-service security solutions can give whatever matters most to you the 360° protection it needs. Contact us today by calling (403) 291-9311 or by filling out the form below and put us on your frontline.

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