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Keeping Your Business Safe with Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems offer a variety of advantages over traditional lock and key systems including increased protection, security and convenience making them the clear choice for securing your business.

  1. Protection
    Whether you are trying to get away from stormy weather or are concerned you are being followed, a keyless entry system will allow you to quickly gain access to your business. Electronic keys are also significantly harder to duplicate without authorization. Traditional keys, if left unattended, can be copied by criminals in a matter of minutes if they have the right equipment. Secure your business effectively with a keyless system.

  2. Convenience
    Keyless entry offers convenience, whether you choose to go with a fob, card or keypad system. Keyless entry fobs and cards are not easily duplicated, so you can rest assured that there no unauthorized copies floating around. Also, should you have to let an employee go you can easily deactivate their card or fob, or change the pass code, ensuring that only authorized persons can gain entry to the building. This means that you always know exactly who has access to your business.

  3. Security
    Keyless systems, especially those using card or fob access, can easily log the entry and exit times of individuals accessing the building. That way should a security incident occur you can know for sure who was in the building at the time. Keyless systems are much harder to compromise than traditional lock and key systems, making them inherently more secure.

However, every system has it’s weaknesses. Keyless entry systems require power to operate. This means that if there is a power outage you may be locked out of your business. To counteract this inconvenience you should consider installing a backup generator or battery. Another potential disadvantage is the fact that people sometimes forget their keyless entry pass code. However, if you know you are likely to forget your entry pass code you can always opt for a card or fob based keyless entry system.

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