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IP Cameras and HDCVI Technology: The Future of HD Video Surveillance

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IP cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, are a type of surveillance system that uses an Internet network to send and receive information. IP cameras mark a considerable step forward in security as they make HD security surveillance possible. Additionally, you can access the information captured by your cameras on any authorized computer with Internet access.

An alternative to IP cameras can be found in HDCVI technology. HDCVI does not use the Internet to send and receive information and instead uses cables that allow it to reliably transfer HD 1080p footage. The benefits of HDCVI is that it can be incorporated into most existing setups, such as analog surveillance systems, and can provide up to 4x the image quality by only changing the hardware.

Technology has changed and security cameras are no longer serving just one purpose. With IP cameras you get more than just a recording device – you get a multi-use HD surveillance camera that is breaking boundaries in terms of flexibility and usage. With HDCVI you are able to upgrade an analog setup to full HD at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the entire system.

In you’re interested in what IP cameras and HDCVI can do for your security surveillance system, then contact Frontline Security in Calgary today.

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