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IP Camera for In-Home Use

The market is exploding when it comes to in-home IP cameras for home security purposes. Thanks in part to “do-it-yourself” philosophies, many homeowners are installing their own home video surveillance – there is even a cell phone app that converts your old mobile devices into a security system. At Frontline Security, we are excited to see home and business owners realizing the importance of security; however, many of the do-it-yourself IP camera security systems are good only in a pinch or for minor surveillance purposes.

If you’re leaving for a small holiday or need to do some minor remote monitoring of your home, IP cameras are a great temporary solution. They are easy to install in and around your home, and all the video feed can be monitored from a mobile device. Once again, as a temporary solution, IP cameras will do the trick. Sophisticated security systems that include monitoring from a third party, motion detectors, keypads and network security will keep your home exponentially safer and is best left to the professionals at Frontline Security to install.

If you do install an IP camera to monitor your home, there are a few things you need to know. IP cameras, which stand for, Internet Protocol, rely on a computer network to transmit data in the form of a video feed. You need to ensure that your network is secured or else a hacker can view all your data and, in doing so, will gain knowledge of when the home is not occupied. You also need to make sure you have enough storage space to record the video feed or images. The recording from the IP camera can be saved onto a memory stick or in the cloud, remember, video images are large files and require ample memory capacity.

For your small business, Frontline Security highly recommends you leave video surveillance to the professionals. We are well versed in the legalities and liability issues that can come from video surveillance at a work place.

For more information on home security system installations, IP cameras and video surveillance, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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