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How to Secure Home Automation Security Systems

Are you the only one watching the video feed in your home security system? It’s an unsettling thought that a hacker could be listening in on your baby monitor and as the Internet of Things evolves, Frontline Security in Calgary are informing clients that without the right precautions, your home automation system can leave you vulnerable.

A major selling feature of home-automation security systems is their compatibility with smartphones and tablets, which are all operated via the cloud. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because security systems are connected that’s making them vulnerable to hackers, it’s human error and lax training on how to use the technology. The majority of security breaches in home-automation systems had the following preventable measures:

  • Weak passwords
  • Video access to multiple people
  • Guessable login information (last names, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • No lockout system for incorrect passwords
  • Optional software updates
  • No expiration for passwords

Here at Frontline Security, we believe that installing a connected system is just the first step in securing your home. After we install a security system, we emphasize training you on how to use it properly to ensure your home is safe at all times from any threat. We understand that not everyone is tech savvy, but home-automation systems are very user friendly and we can train anyone to use them. What many security systems are missing is the service that Frontline Security offer! Frontline Security is ready to assist you with any technical problems that you might be having, from safely recovering your password to helping with software updates.

Home-automation security systems are a very effective way to keep your home safe. You can monitor your home from the beach in Hawaii, lock your doors from the office and adjust the temperature moments before walking through the door, just to name a few.

Revolutionize your home by installing a state-of-the-art home-automation security system, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today at 403-291-9311.

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