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How to Overcome Home Automation Security Concerns

While home automation is taking Calgary homes by storm, here are certain things you should be aware of, and how our home automation company can help you mitigate some of these concerns.

Making Calgary homes ‘smart’ is a fast-growing trend that has evolved from button-press security systems to being able to control most aspects of your house from anywhere. Some of the incredible benefits of home automation include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • A more comprehensive and convenient home security system
  • More control over your home, no matter where you are in the world
  • Total peace of mind

Our Calgary Home Automation Company Helps Enhance The Features of Your Home

At Frontline, a leading Calgary home automation company, we are able to customise your home automation products to suit your unique needs, ensuring that everything you value - from your loved ones and pets, to your property - is kept safe and protected.

Home Automation


How to Overcome Home Automation Security Concerns

Home automation is an incredible innovation and can make almost all aspects of your home simpler, more comfortable, and dramatically enhance your home living experience.

However, since the home automation technologies are still very new, there are some security concerns related to these devices. Below are some of the most common issues and how our home automation company can help you resolve them.

Top Concerns Surrounding Home Automation  

Home automation systems can provide Calgarians with easy, fun, and more comfortable living, but not all devices may have been created with security in mind. Some of the top concerns include:

  • Hackers may be able to access your home network through smart thermostats, security cameras, and TVs.
  • Some devices may fail if the centralized communication hub is damaged, breaks, or stops working.
  • If you lose your smartphone or tablet, this may give intruders easy access to your home via automated locks or smart garages/windows/doors.
  • If your home automated security system is compromised, this allows potential burglars to possibly deactivate the system or access entry codes.
  • Eavesdropping on communication systems such as email, phone calls, or video conferencing could compromise the safety of you and your family.


Security Measures to Follow to Keep Your Home Safe

Security is a crucial component of the home automation movement. If you’re considering turning your house into a smart home, then make sure to consider the following checklist:

  • Purchase Z-Wave Certified Equipment, which makes sure that all the smart devices in your home have passed testing for quality, reliability and security.
  • Always personalize your passwords. If you leave the factory-setting password, these can be simple to find online, giving hackers easy access to your security systems.
  • NEVER share your passwords. When it comes to your home automation devices, never share your passwords with strangers.  Keep it on a need-to-know basis and DO NOT write them down.
  • Beware of sharing settings. Your phone will help you control your devices but be very vigilant about privacy settings and sharing capabilities on apps such as calendars, email, location and photos.
  • Encrypt networks where smart devices are hosted. This will make it more difficult for hackers to read your data if any systems are hacked.
  • Always stay on top of system upgrades because if you don’t, it could compromise the integrity of your devices.


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