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How to Ensure Your Home is Safe From Burglars This Spring

Is your home secure and protected against potential thefts and burglaries? This easy-to-use checklist will help you review your home security to ensure your home and loved ones are always protected.

While it’s obvious that purchasing a customized home security system is essential to keeping your home safe from theft, it has a number of other important benefits, including:

  • Reduced homeowners insurance cost
  • Helps you regulate your home (eg. smart thermostats and smart lighting)
  • Allows you to monitor the activity in your home, no matter your location
  • Protects your home from other hazards including carbon monoxide poisoning and fires

Customized Home Security Products in Calgary

At Frontline Security, we offer a wide range of affordable and convenient home security products designed to meet your individual needs and give you a safer, more comfortable home.

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Easy-to-Use Home Security Checklist For a Safer House This Spring

As the weather starts to warm up, many Calgarians will take advantage of the fresh spring weather by opening up their windows and doors around the home. However, this can pose a serious security risk to your home, and make your property more vulnerable to potential burglars.

This means that spring is an ideal time to conduct a home security check to help reduce your chances of a break in. Use these simple and easy steps to ensure your family is protected all year round.

1. Think Like A Burglar

One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe this spring is by putting yourself in the mindset of a burglar to see if you can break into your property. This means walking from the front to the back of the property, and around the perimeter of your home, to identify any security gaps.

Make sure to check:

  • The latches on the windows
  • The garage, shed, and laundry doors
  • Whether there are any big trees or shrubs that burglars can hide behind
  • If you have sufficient outdoor lighting


2. Cut Back The Hiding Places

High hedges and shrubs around your fence and under windows can provide perfect hiding spots for thieves, so it’s important to check for any overhanging tree branches, external walls, or drain pipes that could provide easy access to the upper level of your home.

TIP: Remember to check that any tools, ladders, and wheelie bins are put away to prevent intruders from using them to access your home.


3. Install Motion Detector Lights

Motion sensor lights are an extremely innovative home security product and will turn lights on when movement is detected within their field of view. This light will remain on for a set amount of time following any detected movement and will continue to stay on as movement occurs.

They have many benefits, including:

  • Deters potential criminals and burglars
  • Lowers your energy costs
  • Lengthens the lifetime of your bulbs
  • Provides a more comfortable and convenient environment


4. Consult With A Home Security Expert

Deciding which home security products to purchase, and then installing them, can be an overwhelming job, which is why it’s always best to invest in the services of a security expert. This has many benefits, including:


When you hire a professional home security expert, you don’t need to worry about if you are installing products wrong, or spending time listening to automated directions. You’ll need to clear your home before the installation, but you can get other things done during this time and leave the work up to the professionals.


If you decide on a DIY home security installation, there is a chance you could miss something, which would cost you more time and effort, or worse, cause you to suffer an undetected break in.

Even better? Take advantage of the professional technicians expertise by asking him/her to walk you through the system, its functions, and how to operate it, so you can experience success from day one.


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