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How Secure is Home Automation?

Overview: With the home automation movement thoroughly taking off, as shown by its popularity at the 2015 CES trade show in Las Vegas earlier this year, one lingering question remains: how secure is it? The security of devices connected via a network has always been a concern but with the recent flurry of high profile cyber attacks and the prevalence of home automation devices at this year's CES show, this is an issue is on everyone's minds.

The worry about the security of smart devices comes as two main subjects clash. The first is the growing popularity of smart devices and the rapid development of the “Internet of things,” and the second is the continued, if not increased, threat of cyber security breaches and high profile hacking attacks.

Everyone with Internet access has heard about the Sony hacking scandal, and only recently was the U.S. Central Command's Twitter page accessed by a group claiming to be ISIS. Before these incidents there were there Target and Home Depot hacks which involved the theft of millions of customer credit card details. In between these attacks there have been thousands of others, all varying in profile and severity. In fact, the threat of advanced cyber attacks is now so great that U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron have recently agreed upon a landmark plan to stage a cyber war between their two nations in an effort to better prepare each country for an outside attack.

Meanwhile, the prevalence of smart devices and home automation mean that we are placing more and more trust in the security of online systems. Home automation used to only involve basic, arguably trivial actions such as dimming your lights with your phone, or turning the heating on before you arrive back from work. But now things are advancing rapidly and soon your whole home could have the ability to be controlled online. But this also raises the possibility that if your home network is breached, then someone could gain control of your entire house.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Smart Devices?

The first thing you should do is to change your router's default password. This may seem obvious but as shown by the scare last year, where IP Cameras with default passwords were broadcast for the whole internet to see, there are plenty of people who never change this information and the effects can be devastating.

Once you've changed your login info from admin, 1234 you then have to deal with the shortcomings of consumer IT products. The problems lie in the simple fact that security inconveniences users. The more hoops people have to jump through to get online, the more chance they will simply return their product. Take passwords for example – how many people do you know who use the same password for everything? Probably quite a few! As a result, most consumer network products are not optimized purely for security and this could pose a problem if breaking into your home network becomes the gold mine that home automation promises to be.

The most important thing you can do to protect your smart device and home security is to hire a professional security company. If you install everything yourself, you'll be tempted to choose the easy-to-install products with lower security capabilities. Even if you do make security a priority, you will inevitably leave gaps in your system. With a Calgary security company like Frontline Security, you can rest assured knowing that the system you are receiving is completely optimized for both ease of use and security.

Overview: Smart devices and home automation technology are advancing at a rapid rate, but the security that goes with it is still in question. Users are getting excited by a future world of ease and unfortunately security is not part of it. If home automation is supposed to make things easier, why should we be burdened by multiple passwords and restrictions, users ask. The simple answer is because security is important. Home automation promises a bright future but the new-found convenience it promises must not be taken for granted. By getting your system installed by a security company such as Frontline Security, you can be sure that you're maximizing your enjoyment of your smart devices without compromising on the safety of your home.

To find out more about the many benefits of Home Automation and how these can be balanced with security, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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