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How Residential Video Surveillance Makes Your Neighbourhood Safer

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How Residential Video Surveillance Makes Your Neighbourhood Safer

Living in a certain community does not mean that you will never suffer from vandalism, theft, or trespassing; crime can occur anywhere at any time. The neighbourhood you live in does not mean you are safe from all criminal activity, but you can help reduce the risk of crime. Residential security systems can help you safeguard your home from those with ill intent, and added security can help your fellow neighbours as well. When you install a security alarm system, you are creating peace of mind not only for you and your family, but also for your neighbours. This is especially true if your system is monitored by a security company. Here are other reasons that installing a residential surveillance system benefits not only you but your entire neighbourhood.

Benefits For The Whole Neighbourhood

Quick Alerts For Accidents. Various accidents can happen in and around the home, such as vehicle crashes, fires, or medical emergencies. If an accident happens outside of your home and it triggers an alarm or is caught on camera and viewed on your video feed, this gives you knowledge of the incident even if you or others are not in the area and allows for a quick response. These quick responses can be the difference between a house burning down or your neighbour losing their life. Your security alarm will also go off if anyone attempts to break into your home or trespass, alerting the police. When an alarm is activated when someone breaks in, it often scares them off, protecting your home and the homes around them, as the thief will not want to stay near, or come back to, that area.

Limit Neighbourhood Vandalism And Theft. If you have a camera visible on your house, it deters theft and vandalism of your property. This benefit extends to your neighbours, as wide-view cameras can see spaces around the home such as neighbouring properties and sidewalks. The more homes on a street with residential video surveillance, the less likely that anyone on that street will get robbed or vandalized, as the criminal will typically target locations where they are least likely to be caught.

Monitor Homes. Not only can residential security systems alert you to any break-ins or vandalism, they can give you a view of the inside and outside of your home as well as the surrounding area. Again, this can help prevent crime against your neighbours or catch any culprits, but it offers other benefits as well. For example, you may be able to monitor animal activity that affects your neighbourhood. If you have a pet that stays at home while you go to work, you can monitor them while you are away and make sure they aren’t getting out. You can also monitor other animals that come into the yard so that you can determine which neighbourhood cat is in your garden while you’re at work or how racoons might be getting into your garbage while you sleep. Having a residential video surveillance system also lets you know when packages get delivered, as well as if there are any porch pirates roaming your streets.

Better Insurance For All. As a bonus, insurance rates are sometimes lower for homeowners with residential alarm systems as well as for all residents of a neighbourhood where most of the homes have residential security systems.

Have A Calgary Residential Security System Installed By Frontline Security

If you want to feel more secure in your own home while also giving your neighbours peace of mind, have a residential security system installed. Not only does a residential video surveillance system allow you to see what’s happening on your property, but it can also allow for a winder view that keeps more people safe. At Frontline Security, we care about keeping you, your family, and your neighbours safe. As a local Calgary company, our highly professional team is extremely dedicated to making your neighbourhood safer; after all, it’s our neighbourhood as well. To have a high-quality, affordable, and accessible residential security system installed, contact Frontline Security at 1-403-291-9311 or fill out the online contact form.

Whether you are purchasing a residential video surveillance or a residential alarm system, Frontline will complete the installation from start to finish. This includes a free consultation, design and planning, review and approval, installation and quality control, and monitoring services.

Our Calgary home alarm systems can come equipped with the following security measures:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Video surveillance/live video monitoring
  • Smart home functionality

We provide a four-year warranty on the parts associated with your residential video surveillance system and a one-year warranty on our labour.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

You’ve worked hard to build your business or buy your home. Now it’s time to protect them properly and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Our full-service security solutions can give whatever matters most to you the 360° protection it needs. Contact us today by calling (403) 291-9311 or by filling out the form below and put us on your frontline.

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